2018 Ford Expedition comes with a major price hike

Article by Christian A., on June 23, 2017

2018 Ford Expedition is on its way to the market, and will be arriving at dealerships this fall. The all-new SUV will come with a new design, new EcoBoost engine, and a new price tag. Though it is normal for successors to cost more than the previous year model, the new Expedition XLT will start at $52,890 including destination - that is $4,570 more than the 2017 model.

With that being said, the $52,890 is the cheapest you could get the Ford Expedition for. The Expedition MAX, formerly known as the 2017 EL, starts at $55,580, and an additional $3,000 can get you an all-wheel drive. For the Limited trim, be ready to shell out $63,780, or $66,465 for the MAX option - making it $6,000 more than the 2017 model.

Moving on to the Expedition Platinum, the 2018 model now costs $73,905, the Platinum MAX starting at $76,595, while the range topping Platinum Max 4x4 starts at $79,740. Compared to last year’s asking price of $71,090, the 2018 range topper costs $8,640 more. All the above figures have been confirmed by Ford, according to CarsDirect.

A new trim has also been introduced as the FX4, which will start at $63,155. This particular model is best suited for off-road use and comes with a number of options including 18-inch wheels and seven functional skid plates. However, this will only be available with the 4x4 version of the XLT. The FX4 package costs $1,650 and for the 4x4 XLT variant, the Equipment Group 202A option must be ticked for an additional $5,605.

In terms of engine, all trims of the 2018 Expedition will be equipped with the same 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 the Explorer has. The XLT, MAX, and Limited trims will be able to produce 375 horsepower (280 kilowatts) and 480 pound-feet (637 Newton-metres) of torque. This gives you 10 hp (7kW) and 50 lb-ft (68 Nm) of torque more than the previous model.

On the other hand, the range topping Platinum and Platinum MAX will come with the same engine, but will produce 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 480 pound-feet (651 Newton-metres) of torque instead. Compared to the 2017 model, that is a 35 hp (26 kW) and 60 lb-ft (81Nm) increase.

With the knowledge that the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will be sold for a starting price of $73,250 this fall, now we know why the 2018 Ford Expedition variants are priced this much. Would you rather go for the Lincoln Navigator or a Ford Expedition Platinum?

Source: CarsDirect.com

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