Honda unveils the CR-V Hybrid in China, may also come to the United States

Article by Christian A., on April 24, 2017

Honda will be displaying the electrically assisted CUV in their showrooms later this year. This has been confirmed in China at least. Fresh from its debut at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, the latest hybrid CR-V will soon go on sale in Asia’s fastest growing market for hybrid vehicles.

While the engineering for the China-bound CR-V Hybrid has already been finalized, it only makes sense that Honda would be considering the US as its next important step. In the US, the Honda Accord is in fact using the same powertrain found on the newly electrified crossover.

Honda however hasn't disclosed the exact details for the CR-V hybrid’s powertrain while on its premiere. If the CRV’s hybrid specs are indeed the same as those on the Accord, we can therefore expect the electrified crossover to be running on a 143hp (107kW), 129 lb-ft (175Nm) of torque, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. This will come equipped with a 1.3kWh lithium ion battery pack with a total power of 212hp (158kW) to match.

From outside, the Hybrid crossover looks almost the same as its internal combustion engine counterpart. The only difference is probably the new Hybrid badge that goes with it. That said, the Hybrid Accord promises up to 49mpg fuel economy returns for the city and 47mpg on the highway based on the EPA standards. It would be safe to assume that the CRV Hybrid will arrive at the same figures as the two will have the same powertrain. In comparison, the CRV weighs 3,300 lbs while the Accord is at 3,400 lbs.

By next year, Honda’s green portfolio will get much even bigger as it comes out with the new hybrid and electric versions of the Honda Clarity. The new green vehicles are said to be priced at 35,000 USD each. The electric vehicle model will be featuring a 25.5kWh battery pack with the possibility of up to 80 miles of range. The 1.5-liter four-cylinder PHEV Clarity on the other hand will have up to 42 miles of electric range (or 68km), plus a total output of 181hp (135 kW) and 232 pound feet of torque (or 315Nm).

On a similar note, Honda Motor America responded to Green Car Reports that they have made earlier announcements regarding their intentions to go electric. This will include the company’s existing “core volume models” such as light trucks among many others. In any case, the CRV will likely become part of this and it likely won’t be long before the announcement for the US version will be made.

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