Leaked images give us first look of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon

Article by Christian A., on March 31, 2017

Two black and white images were leaked to the public eye, whether it’s intentional or not. Coming from a site called JL Wrangler, the pictures are rumoured to be of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler JLU that seem to closely resemble the spy shots and the leaked poster from a dealer meeting last year. Previously the leaked ones were the hood and the grille, now it’s the time for your eyes to feast on the next of kin 2018 JLU. The question lies: Is it worth the wait?

Apart from the removable roof and doors of the model, it is also noticed that the JLU also has a rather larger front bump design compared to the current vehicle, turn signals on the mirrors which are attached to the higher on the doors within new window moldings, headlights winding into the outer grille slats (same with the previously leaked grille), a much longer vented hood, fender vents on the anterior quarter panels, solid frame with fixed roll cage in roughly the same location as the current sport bar, and a windshield that is situated nearer to the hood.

The vehicle's contour is somewhat likened to a pronounced belt line hereby making the door hands positioned slightly below where they are originally located. Moreover, the windows are seen to have rounder corners, and at the rear, we can’t help but admire its wrap around taillights. Worth mentioning also is that the anterior fenders seem to have some distinct LED light strips, which Car& Driver leaked many months ago and which emphasize the 2018 Jeep Wrangler's new light signatures at the front, and also at the back. The new JLU is also rumoured to be fitted with LED headlights and it also comes with the fender strips.

Fog lights location has been moved from mid bumper to the car edges. On the rear are lights with glowing X graphics, the same with the Renegade crossover. However, we can't really tell if it's really a fact basing only on a white and black photograph. Bummer. Anyways, overall we are observing a metamorphosis of the recent Wrangler in terms of design. The recipe is all the same, moreover there appears to be added extra ingredients for the taste and the aesthetics to be wholly different.

Since there's no leaked shot of the interior, we can only hope that it will have at least the same level of upgrades as the exterior. And the new JLU should be better fitted at navigating today's highly connected and guarded automotive landscape.

There's no announcement yet when this Jeep JLU will debut but we're crossing our fingers that this beast will be unveiled next month at NY Auto show. However, the leaked images didn't exactly faze the rumours that the incoming JLU may be built on an alternate Ram-based truck platform. The Jeep Wrangler is considered as one of the best off-roader Wranglers ever to rule the roads, and with the 2018 Jeep Wrangler on sight- can this beast continue the legacy its predecessor has set? Only time will tell.

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