X-Tomi renders coupe and wagon versions of the 2018 Kia Stinger fastback

Article by Christian A., on January 18, 2017

The 2017 Detroit Auto Show (2017 North American International Auto Show) has been exciting and thrilling. Several new concepts and production vehicles were announced and unveiled, with a number of reveals proving to be stunning as well as exciting. One of these reveals is a sedan from South Korea – the new Kia Stinger that will be offered as a 2018 model.

Intended and offered as a five-occupant fastback sports sedan, the Kia Stinger was one of the highlights at the Detroit Auto Show, thanks to its one-of-a-kind GT design and the promise of power for its future endeavors. Many are already expecting resounding success for the Kia Stinger even before the South Korean carmaker has commenced its sales.

Its stunning looks perhaps could be one of the reasons why X-Tomi Design, an auto styling specialist from Tard, Hungary has chosen it as the subject of its new rendition project. Perhaps mesmerized by its evolutionary appearance, X-Tomi Design rendered not only one, but two versions of the Kia Stinger fastback sedan. In a sense, X-Tomi Design is helping us find out how Kia Stinger fastback sedan would have looked like when created as another body style – a coupe and a wagon (estate) in particular.

The coupe version of the Kia Stinger has the same shape as the fastback sedan. A few visual tweaks were made to transform the sedan into a coupe. One of these is the removal of the rear doors. X-Tomi Design also moved the B Pillar a bit to the rear. This in effect, made the door wider towards the back and further accentuated the rear fenders. Likewise, X-Tomi Design sharpened the point where the C Pillar converges with the window.

On the other hand, more effort was needed to transform the Kia Stinger fastback sedan into a wagon. X-Tomi Design raised the fatback roofline of the sedan and extended it further to the rear. This results in a wagon version that boasts of more cargo capacity. Just like the coupe version of the Kia Stinger, X-Tomi design sharpened the converging point between the window and the C Pillar. On the rear, the glass features a rake spoiler for a sportier look.

So, as far as X-Tomi Design’s renditions are concerned, coupe and wagon body styles could also be a stunning proposition for the new Kia Stinger. Of course, these renditions could be transformed into real coupe and wagon models, should Kia adopt these body styles. Doing so wouldn’t be so difficult since Kia has already built wagons and coupes before. Now, it would be interesting to see these body styles adopted for the new Kia Stinger.

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