2018 Porsche 911 Speedster Concept is the coolest roofless model

Article by Christian A., on June 13, 2018

After the German automaker unveiled a new 911 Speedster Concept on Friday, we are starting to think that Porsche’s long line of Speedster models could expand again. Just like the newest 911, the Speedster concept uses a familiar formula by chopping the windshield and position it at a more aggressive angle, get rid of the vestigial rear seats and add a new double bubble cover to replace the 911’s vestigial rear seats.

All this can be found in the Speedster Concept, with the latter item made of carbon fiber. Speedsters also often get rid of the electric roof. Porsche did not provide us with any photos of the lightweight cover on the Speedster Concept, but it did confirm that the unit will provide some weather protection.

Under the beltline, Porsche used the body of a 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. But instead of using the 911’s traditional mirrors, we instead used a set of chromed, Talbot style racing mirrors, which are also probably the coolest mirrors on this planet. The rest of the body is then dressed in GT Silver and White paint, just like that of Porsche’s racers of yesteryear. On both sides, there is a huge number 70 in a white circle, which gives tribute to the automaker’s seventieth anniversary, below that, of course is the Porsche lettering. The automaker also modified the headlights with a cover that’s reminiscent of old racing headlights.

Inside the cabin, Porsche gave the 911 Speedster full bucket seats in the cabin, mixing light brown Aniline leather with carbon fiber construction. The Speedster Concept gets rid of the navigation, air conditioning and audio system, channeling Porsche’s racing history a little too much. The good thing is that there is a 500 horsepower flat-6 with a 9,000 rpm redline to provide the tunes. The rest of the chassis comes from the 911 GT3.

As of now, the automaker treats this model as a concept. There is also no indication of how it will hit the production lines. But at the same time, it looks too good to just sit in a museum at Zuffenhausen. Well, we only hope for it to keep all its cool features as a concept even when it eventually becomes a production model. But shouldn’t we wish for it to become a reality first, before we think of that?

Like I mentioned earlier, Porsche’s 500 horsepower, 911 Speedster Concept was unveiled on Friday, so watch out for updates on this model. Hopefully, we will soon find out what their plans for the concept is. If you were to give the 911 Speedster any feature that you can add, what would it be? We are curious to hear your thoughts.

Source: Porsche

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