Rhino GX Executive is tough and imposing outside but a luxurious haven inside

Article by Christian A., on January 22, 2018

When you first glance at the Rhino GX SUV, the first thing that will come to mind is that the vehicle probably has a military style cabin, with thinly padded seats, plenty of metal, surveillance cameras all over, and mounts for your weapons.

That is perhaps because of its massive size, as it measures around 19 feet long, eight feet wide, and seven feet tall. With those dimensions, of course it weighs a lot, and I mean five tons. With that size, finish it off with a Stealth Black, Tactical Green, or Desert Sand paint job and it will look like a handsome tank that people will be scared of.

Though it may look really badass on the outside, the Rhino GX SUV actually looks very comfortable and luxurious on the inside, which is a total contrast from what people see outside. The Executive edition, in particular, gives the leather-trimmed interior additional wood trim with chrome accents. Power seats and power foot rests get heat controls, while the huge sunroof lets in light from above.

That’s not everything that the cabin boasts. It now has a new entertainment system that comes with a 40-inch television as well as a KVH TRAC Vision A9 Satellite Receiver. That may sound to you as if it is a tool that’s used to track enemies, but its actual purpose is to catch the latest episodes of your favourite Netflix series, and not for some secret agent task.

As you can see in the photos provided here, there is a wall between the front and the rear passengers. So when rear passengers want to make contact with the ones in front, they will have to use an on board intercom - how cool is that?

With all that equipment comes a large engine under its hood too. The standard Ford engine has been boosted by USSV with a standard alternator. Like the medium duty Ford F-450, the Rhino is based on the same 6.7 liter V8 diesel or a 6.8 liter V10. Brakes and suspension have been changed into upgraded bits. Now, the Rhino GX SUV can handle on- and off-road duties, while coping with all the added weight.

So far, we do not know how much it would cost you to get your hands on a GX Executive edition just yet, because USSV has not released it. However, based on what we saw in Jay Leno’s Garage last year, the standard version of this model had a price tag of a whopping $249,000. Naturally, with all the added options in this version, expect the figures to be a little bit higher - perhaps starting at $300,000.

Press Release

USSV Rhino GX Executive

As the all-American manufacturer of one of the largest luxury SUVs available on the market, US Specialty Vehicles embraces the power, design and comfort of their Rhino GX Executive Model. With a tough, yet seductive appearance, off-road capabilities and superb power to weight ratio the Rhino GX Executive Model is made for a luxurious owner. Built on a Ford Super Duty Chassis, the vehicle will take you from the wilderness to the boardroom in style.

The Executive Model provides passengers with a luxurious driving experience equipped with premium leather seating, built-in heat controls and foot rests. With five passenger seating, guests can enjoy a first-class entertainment system complete with a partitioned 40” television and intercom system. Additional specifications include exotic wood, leather and chrome trim, a luxury center console, central armrest with individual controls, a sun roof, dual alternators, and a KVH TRAC Vision A9 Satellite Receiver.

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