Skoda Sunroq Concept is the convertible SUV we did not expect

Article by Christian A., on June 6, 2018

Of all automotive brands, the last automaker you could think to slap its badge on a convertible SUV, would probably be Skoda. But their new Sunroq is actually what that is - a droptop version of the compact Karoq, the latest concept to come from Mladá Boleslav. The concept actually began in October 2017 when a team of 23 students from Skoda’s own trade school got together to work on a one-off project.

Do not get us wrong though, because the automaker is not planning to chop off the compact crossover’s roof for a production version since the Sunroq will remain purely a concept car to demonstrate the skills of Skoda’s vocational school. These students are very talented and they took the roles of engineers and designers, but of course, actual professionals lent a helping hand during the development process of turning the Karoq into a convertible.

The Czech Republican crossover loses its model’s roof. However, they have kept the rear doors as well as the rear seats to maintain that high level of practicality you would expect from a Skoda. Of course, Skoda keeps it’s vehicle interesting, as you can see here, the automaker’s logo is projected onto the road by LEDs mounted underneath the concept’s front bumper. You can actually get those on the production Karoq where these are mounted underneath the front doors.

If you’re curious about the segment of the market that this road going model would be targeted to, Skoda says that a convertible SUV would attempt to lure in young adults who are looking for a drop top that still have enough space for their sports equipment. While the crossover’s body has been revamped, the concept still has the same dimensions (length and width) as the regular model from where it has carried over the wheelbase.

Not a lot of people will be able to test the Sunroq’s acceleration, but the familiar four cylinder 1.5 liter TSI engine allows the convertible SUV mashup to accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in about 8.4 seconds before hitting its maximum speed of 127 miles per hour (204 kilometers per hour).

While the Sunroq remains to be a concept until today, another small crossover cabriolet, that is part of the Volkswagen Group is heading to the assembly line. The VW T-Roc Convertible will be launched in 2020 to serve as an alternative to the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

For those of you who have seen how cool this Skoda Sunroq is, you must think that the students behind this vehicle have very creative minds, for them to be able to conceptualize a car like this. We can already see how the future of automotive will be like.

Source: Skoda

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