BMW wants no bad media reviews for the all-new 3-Series G20

Article by Christian A., on October 12, 2018

BMW regards the latest generation – the seventh – of the 3 Series as its pride. After all, the 3 Series represents one of the cores of its sales, being one of the best-selling models at BMW. Thus, it is only natural for the company or its people to react if bad things are to be said about the all-new 3 Series.

Klaus Frohlich, the head of development at BMW, seemingly has been tired of hearing auto journalist and other people comparing the fifth and sixth generation of the 3 Series to the fourth generation. The fourth-gen 3 Series – with the codename E46 – has been regarded as the last true 3 Series, bearing the attributes that defined this model such as sportiness and dynamism as well as luxury and elegance. Many consider the generations after the E46 – like the E90 and the F30 – as not living up to the promise of the 3 Series.

Now, Frohlich is having none any of the complaints saying that the latest generation of the BMW 3 Series – the G20 – as inferior to the 3 Series E46. These bad reviews would be injustice to BMW’s development team headed by Frohlich. After all, the bad reviews on the E90 and F30 generations were what prompted BMW to make the newest generation much better, even surpassing the E46 models. In its press release for the all-new 3 Series, the carmaker said that the all signature characteristics of a BMW -- modern design, agile handling, exceptional efficiency and innovative features -- have been raised to a higher level.

Frohlich told that he doesn’t want to hear “that shit” anymore, referring to the negative things being said about the fifth and sixth generations of the BMW 3 Series. He cited several reasons why the seventh generation surpasses all previous generations. First is that the person behind can drive fast and still completely relaxed. Second, the new 3 Series is more valuable, as it boasts of better materials and is solid like a rock. Likewise, the new 3 Series is as comfortable as a 5 Series, thanks to its stiff architecture.

The all-new BMW 3 Series is underpinned by the Cluster Architecture (CLAR platform), which allowed it to be lighter by up to 55 kg despite being much larger than the previous model. The new 3 Series is around 2.9 inches longer, 0.6 inches wider and 0.5 inches taller than its predecessor. Compared to the previous generation, the new 3 Series has longer wheelbase (plus 1.6 inches) and wider tracks (plus 1.7 inches on the front and plus 0.8 inches on the rear).

Until the public has the chance to drive or ride the all-new 3 Series (G20), it remains unknown whether it is as good as or better than the E46, or as bad as the E90 and F30.

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