New generation of Mercedes-Benz Actros introduced with MirrorCam technology

Article by Christian A., on October 2, 2018

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is introducing the latest generation of its flagship heavy-duty truck – the all-new Mercedes-Benz Actros. The all-new flagship truck is now more efficient, more comfortable, more integrated and more high-tech. For the newest generation, the all-new Actros gets rid of the conventional side mirrors and makes use of side mirror cameras called MirrorCam.

The online introduction of the new Mercedes Actros serves as a precursor to the official unveiling of the all-new flagship truck at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, which is scheduled to happen from September 20 to 27, 2018 in Hanover, Germany. It will be available to order as soon as the 2018 IAA show starts, with first batch of deliveries set in spring 2019. The new Actros can be configured according to the requirement and needs of its customers.

Compared to its predecessor, the all-new Mercedes Actros consumes up to five percent less fuel on rural routes as well as up to three percent less fuel on long-distance haulage. Annual mileage in long-distance haulage usually exceeds 120,000 km, and a three-percent less fuel consumption on motorways and expressways means that a lot of fuel and money is saved. This feat is achieved through improved aerodynamics, advanced Predictive Powertrain Control and a new rear axle ratio.

To improve the aerodynamics of the all-new Mercedes Actros, it employs concave-shaped cab side deflectors as well as an optimally designed roof spoiler. In addition, the MirrorCam means that the conventional mirrors are now omitted. The omission of these large mirrors aerodynamic advantages, while the streamlined shape and smaller dimensions of the cameras of the MirrorCam offers less wind resistance.

In addition, the Predictive Powertrain Control intelligent cruise control system takes into account the topography, traffic signs and other elements along the route to avoid unnecessary braking, acceleration or gear changes and to moving the Actros as fuel efficient as possible.

Actros models with the OM 471 engine – paired to the G211 transmission -- now boast of a new standard ratio for the weight-optimized rear axle from i = 2.533 to i = 2.412. This new rear axle ratio makes the OM 471-powered Actros models more fuel efficient.

Interestingly, the new Actros can be availed with a natural gas drivetrain system – the new Actros NGT. This version features a six-cylinder, charged M 936 G inline engine with a standard-fit torque converter automatic transmission.

A standard feature for all models, the MirrorCam is offers better all-round visibility and optimized aerodynamics. This makes the all-new Actros the first series production truck in the world to employ side cameras as replacement for conventional mirrors. The cameras of the MirrorCam are attached to the right and left of the roof frame, sending images on two 15-inch displays (720 x 1920 pixels of resolution) that are attached to the A-pillars inside the cab. Some functionality of the MirrorCam can be customized – the brightness of the displays and the field of view can be adjusted.

The new Mercedes Actros is now safer and more distinctive even when viewed from afar, thanks to a new light signature, LED daytime running lights and Intelligent Light. The new Actros is more distinctive at night thanks to new, curved light signature at the top edge of the strip of headlamps. This is also made possible by the new LED daytime running lights. The new Actros also comes with new Intelligent Light system that allows for automatic switching between dipped beam and main beam. It also automatically turns on the cornering light and front fog lamps.

Thanks to ergonomically optimized and digital driver cockpit, new interior lighting concept as well as contemporary new infotainment options, the cab of the all-new Mercedes Actros offers greater levels of comfort and safety. This is also backed by a number of technologies like the new Active Drive Assist, Active Brake Assist 5, new Traffic Sign Assist, new electronic parking brake, Highbeam Assist as well as new Stability Control Assist for trailers.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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