2019 Renault Kadjar SUV gets a facelift and new turbocharged gasoline engines

Article by Christian A., on September 14, 2018

More than three years after the Renault Kadjar was launched into the market, the French carmaker is finally introducing the facelifted version of its compact SUV. It boasts of a reworked exterior as well as a more comfortable and more elegant interior. It also employs a new generation of gasoline engines and powerful diesel mills.

Both the front and rear ends of the new Renault Kadjar have been reworked for a more appealing appearance. On the front end, the Kadjar is defined by a wider grille with new chrome inserts as well as more stylish bumpers with a larger section of body-colored finish. The front end also boasts of Renault’s C-Shape light signature, as complemented by LED indicators integrated into daytime running lights. Installed as standard from the Intens trim level, the now rectangular fog lamps make use of LED units with LED Pure Vision technology.

Meanwhile, the rear end of the new Renault Kadjar features LED units for the indicators, reversing lights and the slimmer fog lamps. Depending on the trim level, the redesigned rear bumper gains chrome touches with top trim levels featuring a shark fin antenna.

Three new color finishes are now available for the new Renault Kadjar: Highland Grey, Iron Blue and Oural Green. New types of wheels – varying from 17 inches to 19 inches – are also available.

Inside, the new Renault Kadjar boasts of higher levels of quality, with improvement in overall gap and flush. It is provided with a new, more elegant multimedia seven-inch flush-mounted touchscreen display. Its central console, air vent surrounds and door handles feature satin chrome touches while the inner door panels now have new backlit controls for the electric windows and door mirrors.

Interior Design

The interior of the new Renault Kadjar is available with new colors and new upholstery with top-stitching. Customers may avail of Alcantara upholstery with the new Black Edition trim.

The new Renault Kadjar range is now topped by the Black Edition trim. Exterior elements for the Black Edition trim include black door mirror housings, new 19-inch alloy wheels as well as front and rear protective skid plates in a contrasting color. Inside, the Black Edition trim boasts of Alcantara upholstery, special protective mats and a black headliner.

Renault will be offering a new limited series of the SUV -- the Kadjar Wave. Derived from the Life trim, the Wave boasts of a front grille and rear bumper with chrome inserts, a shark fin antenna, some 19-inch diamond-effect, roof racks and as well as a chrome strip on the lower door guards. It also boasts of a 7-inch multimedia touch tablet, dual-zone regulated air conditioning and special upholstery with blue top-stitching.


As for its powerplants, the new Renault Kadjar is served by new generations of 1.3 TCe GPF gasoline engine and Blue dCi diesel mill. The TCe GPF engine is available in two power flavors: the TCe 140 GPF (140 hp or 104 kW) and the TCe 160 GPF (160 hp or 119 kW). Power is sent to wheels through either a manual gearbox or the Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission.

On the other hand, the Blue dCi mills are available in two guises: Blue dCi 115 (115 hp or 85 kW) and Blue dCi 150 (150 hp or 112 kW). Diesel-powered Kadjar SUVs are available in 4x2 and 4x4 versions.

Press Release

New Renault KADJAR: taking attractive style and comfort to a new level

In 2015, Renault Kadjar established a strong position in the compact SUV segment. Its flowing lines, dynamic qualities and comfort attracted a wide range of customers. At the same time, Kadjar benefited from the expertise of our partner Nissan in all-wheel drive systems and off-road capabilities.

New Kadjar makes progress in all areas. While respecting traditional SUV design codes, it has a more attractive, stylish look, with dynamic contemporary lines.

New Kadjar places the emphasis on comfort, quality and ergonomic design. The interior has been redesigned for an even more enjoyable day-to-day driving experience.

Last, New Kadjar has more advanced, fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engines for greater driving pleasure.

“Launched in 2015, Kadjar is a core vehicle in the Renault range, a global model already chosen by more than 450,000 customers in over fifty countries. New Kadjar will consolidate this position through a more modern, stylish design, improved comfort and better perceived quality. At the same time, it will build on its 4WD offering, since this sets it apart in the market."

Olivier Tschanhenz, Deputy Marketing Director

3: Product film?

4: Exterior design

Styling reviewed in every detail

“New Kadjar is more attractive, more luxurious, with a more assertive look. With a visibly wider and more refined front end, the exterior design is in harmony with that of other Renault SUVs. The strengthened LED light signature underlines the high-tech looks of New Kadjar. "

Stéphane Guarda, Vehicle Design Project Manager

Customer surveys show that styling is the main reason for purchasing Renault Kadjar. The lines of New Kadjar are more elegant, fluid and refined.

An all-new light signature

At the front, New Kadjar carries over the C-Shape light signature from the Renault range. It strengthens it by integrating LED indicators into daytime running lights. The fog lamps also gain LEDs with LED Pure Vision technology (standard from the Intens trim level). As a result, energy consumption is six times lower than with halogen lamps. The fog lamps are now rectangular, accentuating the “go-anywhere” style of Kadjar.

At the rear, the indicators also gain LEDs, as do the reversing lights and fog lamps, which are now slimmer and built into the bumper for a more elegant finish.

A stronger visual identity

Designers reworked the front and rear ends of New Kadjar to give it even greater appeal. New features include a wider grille with new chrome inserts. The bumpers are more stylish with a larger area of body-coloured paintwork.

More opulent exterior styling

Depending on the trim level, the redesigned rear bumper features touches of chrome that give the car a stronger on-road stance. Top trim levels gain a shark fin antenna.

Even more choice

New Kadjar is available with two new types of 17- and 19-inch wheels, along with three new colours: “Oural Green”, “Iron Blue” and “Highland Grey”.

5: Interior design and perceived quality

An airy, opulent cabin

“For New Kadjar, we placed the emphasis on quality. We gave the trim inserts a more homogenous design and improved overall gap and flush. We also developed a flush-fitting multimedia touch screen and reviewed the design of the air conditioning controls. The improvements are clear to see."

Mehdy Delemer, Chief Product Specialist, Kadjar

Right from the start, Renault Kadjar made passenger comfort a priority. New Kadjar goes even further with a more contemporary design and improvements in perceived quality.

A new, more elegant multimedia touch screen

The central part of the dashboardhas a new multimedia touch screen with capacitive technology for a brighter display and greater sensitivity. Measuring 7 inches diagonally, this screen displays the R-LINK 2 system, with the controls on either side. The screen is flush-mounted for a perfect profile, giving the dashboard a more elegant, unbroken line.

Air conditioning controls with a more modern, ergonomic design

The new control panel for the automatic air conditioning has a more modern, ergonomic design, with the temperature and ventilation settings displayed in the centre of three thumbwheels. Clear and intuitive.

Further improvements in quality

New Kadjar has an eye for detail! The air vent surrounds, door handles and central console feature touches of satin chrome. The inner door panels are fitted with new controls for the electric windows and door mirrors, with backlighting for easier use at night.

New choices in interior ambience

New colours are now available, alongside new upholstery with top-stitching, in some cases with a textured 3D effect. Alcantara upholstery is also available, with the new Black Edition trim.

Encadré: KADJAR Black Edition

A new sporty finish called Black Edition now tops the Kadjar range. Distinctive interior features include Alcantara upholstery, a black headliner and special protective mats. On the outside, Kadjar Black Edition features new 19-inch alloy wheels, front and rear protective skid plates in a contrasting colour and black door mirror housings.

Encadré: KADJAR Wave

For the launch of Kadjar in France, there will be a new limited series called Wave. Based on the Life trim, it includes special upholstery with blue top-stitching, a 7-inch multimedia touch tablet and dual-zone regulated air conditioning. It also features a front grille and rear bumper with chrome inserts, a chrome strip on the lower door guards, some 19-inch diamond-effect, roof racks and a shark fin antenna.

6: Comfort

Optimized comfort

“Customer surveys highlight the comfort of Kadjar. With New Kadjar, we are aiming to do even better in this respect. We redesigned the seats to provide better support, improved the ventilation system and devoted particular attention to practical aspects such as the armrest, which now has a sliding function. "

Jean Chevennement, Assistant Program Director, Kadjar

On board New Kadjar, the upgrades in interior comfort make a real difference.

More ergonomic seats

The redesigned seats now feature length adjustment. They also include double density foam to enhance comfort and prevent fatigue on long journeys, and firmer side reinforcements provide better support. The sliding front armrest adapts to all body shapes.

Remodelled door inner panels

The door inner panels have been completely reworked. The controls for the electric door mirrors and one-touch windows are now on the same panel, which includes backlighting for use at night. Positioned under the inserts with their satin chrome trim, the door bins are now big enough to hold a large bottle of water.

Improved heating distribution

The new air vents on the back of the central console provide improved thermal comfort for passengers in the rear.

7: Functional aspects

New KADJAR makes life easier

New Kadjar has been reviewed in every detail to make it even more practical for everyday use.

A refitted central console

The central console has two larger cup holders with an adjustable function for greater convenience. The cubby in front of the gear lever now includes lighting.

Multi-faceted connectivity

On New Kadjar, the R-LINK 2 connected multimedia system includes a smartphone mirroring function, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Drivers can display their favourite driving-compatible apps directly on the cabin screen for greater safety and more ergonomic use.

An array of ingenious features

The bins in the front doors are now big enough to hold a 1.5 litre bottle of water. Passengers at the rear gain two USB sockets to charge phones, tablets, games consoles, etc. Last, puddle lamps light up the ground next to the front doors for easier access at night.

A more modular layout

Kadjar has one of the largest boots in its segment, with capacity of 472 dm³ VDA (527 litres). The rear 2/3-1/3 bench folds instantly with the “Easy Break” handles on either side of the luggage space. At the same time, the front passenger seat folds flat to load objects over 2.5 meters long.

8: Engines

Improvements in fuel-efficiency and performance

New Kadjar adopts new-generation Renault engines. To respect applicable standards, both the gasoline and diesel powertrains feature the latest emission control technologies. At the same time, they gain enhanced drivability and performance, along with lower fuel consumption.

Gasoline: An ultramodern 1.3 TCe GPF engine

New Kadjar adopts the 1.3 TCe engine first fitted on Scénic and subsequently deployed on Captur and Mégane. Developed by the Alliance in cooperation with Daimler, this powertrain meets the highest standards in performance and drivability. Performance is smooth and vibration-free with the 4-cylinder architecture. The engine also performs well at low revs, with its generous torque. On Kadjar, this engine is fitted with a gasoline particulate filter (GPF). The filter destroys particles in the exhaust gases by trapping them in a microporous honeycomb structure that regenerates automatically at regular intervals. The TCe GPF engine is available in four versions: TCe 140 GPF manual transmission, TCe 140 EDC GPF, TCe 160 GPF manual transmission and TCe 160 GPF EDC.

Diesel: more power, more drivability, fewer pollutant emissions

New Kadjar features modernized diesel engines with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, considered as the most effective nitrogen oxide (NOx) post-treatment solution. This technology cuts engine pollutant emissions with no trade-off in performance! At the same time, the engines now referred to by the name of “Blue dCi” gain enhanced power and drivability on New Kadjar.

The Blue dCi 115 engine increases power by 5 hp and torque by 10 Nm compared with the previous-generation engine, for smooth, frugal performance. Available with a manual transmission, it will be available at a later date with the dual-clutch EDC transmission.
The Blue dCi 150 is the cutting-edge option on New Kadjar. Increasing output by 20 hp compared with its predecessor, it delivers outstanding performance. Mated to a manual transmission, it will be available in 4x2 and 4x4 versions.

Reliability tested and approved

Powertrain durability is a key concern for Renault. The new 1.3 TCe gasoline engine underwent no fewer than 40,000 hours of tests on an engine test bench. This is equivalent to 14 years of operation, eight hours a day!

9: Transmissions

Equally at home on the road – or off it

Proven 4WD transmission

The 4WD transmission on Kadjar benefits from the expertise of Nissan. Kadjar delivers a surefooted performance on slippery roads, driving up to a ski resort in winter, for example, or driving on soft ground.

Three modes for a full range of requirements

The 4WD transmission on Kadjar offers a choice of three operating modes:

2WD: power is supplied only to the front wheels, to bring down fuel consumption.
Auto: the onboard electronics automatically splits the torque between the two axles. Up to 50% of torque can be transferred to the rear wheels.
Lock: the central differential is locked for a permanent 50/50 torque split between front and rear. Reserved for off-road use, this mode is available at speeds of up to 40 kmph.
These modes are selected using a thumbwheel ion the central console, behind the gear lever.

Real off-road capacities

With generous clearance of 200 mm, Kadjar can take on sunken paths without difficulty. The angle of attack (17°) and angle of departure (25°) are also geared to requirements.

The Extended Grip system for 2WD versions

Extended Grip remains available on 4x2 versions of Kadjar. Used with “mud and snow” tires, this anti-skid function improves traction for easier driving on muddy or sandy surfaces. Three modes can be selected using a thumbwheel on the central console, behind the gear lever.

Source: Renault

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