Volkswagen unveils next-generation Passat for China

Article by Christian A., on October 15, 2018

German carmaker Volkswagen has just revealed the next generation of the VW Passat family sedan, but there is a twist. The all-new Passat that was just unveiled was created for the massive automotive market in China. Nonetheless, this Passat is an important model as might be able to provide a glimpse of how the next-gen sedan for the United States might look like when it finally arrives.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that while having the same name, the VW Passat bound for China is much different from the existing large sedan models in the United States and in Europe. The recently unveiled China-bound Passat sedan is undeniably influenced by the VW brand’s understated and simple design mantra. In fact, the front end of this China-bound Passat sedan seems to be adopted from the Arteon, especially the shape of its new grille.

The Arteon-like front grille of the China-bound VW Passat is flanked by elegant headlights that extend to the sides. When viewed from the sides, this Passat reveals a sleek profile with some liftback influences. While this Passat does have a sloped roofline, it is a traditional sedan featuring a small trunk opening.

In terms of dimensions, VW hasn’t revealed its length, width and height as well as wheelbase, the China-bound Passat large sedan does look larger than its European and American counterparts. This is because the images of its cabin show that the rear legroom is much larger than in its international siblings. A larger Passat – whether in terms of length or wheelbase – is pretty much expected in China, where chauffeured customers are more charmed by vehicles that offer more space in the rear cabin.

Many expect the all-new China-bound VW Passat to be a preview of the next generation large sedan for the US market. Of course, there will be a number of exterior elements that would differentiate each of the three Passat models – China, Europe and US – but the American version shouldn’t depart that much from the one that VW created for the Chinese market.

As for the US-bound VW Passat, its rear cabin is expected to be narrower than in the large sedan made for China. Currently, the US Passat is underpinned by a platform that is even older than the MQB platform that underpins the European version. The next-generation Passat bound for the US is well anticipated to be based on the MQB architecture when it arrives in the country in 2019. It will be joined by a number of new SUVs underpinned by the same platform.

Source: Volkswagen

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