2021 Jaguar XK will be a 4-seater inspired by next-gen F-Type

Article by Christian A., on May 24, 2018

You may have already heard that Jaguar wants to expand its sports car portfolio beyond the current F-Type lineup. But how will the company do it? Well, we have been hearing about a rebooted XK that will join the aforementioned F-Type as a more practical alternative with enough space in the back for two passengers. If our sources from Autocar are correct, then the scenario seems to be more likely.

The sources told the British publication that an XK successor is indeed included in the plans, however, the earliest this could be launched is probably in 2021. Interestingly, there is already a design concept for the third generation XK, which was already ready even before the nameplate was ended in 2014. But ultimately, Jaguar decided to pull the plug and discontinue the model entirely so they could focus on other models.

If a new XK does come into production, it is said to be based on the next generation F-Type that’s scheduled to arrive as early as next year. The current F-Type actually uses updated underpinnings of the old XK and will benefit from revised hardware for its next iteration. Jaguar’s engineers have been working on a setup that can be modified to support the creation of a 2+2 model, which means a roomier model, in the same vein as the grand tourer canned after the XKR Final Fifty Edition.

The F-Type, together with the XK successors will make use of JRL’s crop of Ingenium four, and we expect six cylinder engines to spawn SVR versions sharing the supercharged 5.0 liter V8. We do not know what the performance figures will be like with this engine just yet. It is unclear at this point if the reworked hardware will open up the possibility of a plug in hybrid powertrain, but we are pretty sure that it will come sometime in the near future.

Moreover, it seems that Jaguar anticipates a prosperous future for sports cars and will be investing in performance models.

Hanno Kirner is the one in charge of overseeing product strategy for the next decade at Jaguar Land Rover. He was also the one who told Autocar that the company remains committed to the sports car segment, even if the Jaguar E-Pace and F-Pace SUVs are the best-selling models. Believe it or not, last year alone, the F-Pace accounted for two-fifths of all Jaguar sales. He also said that he loves sports cars, whether this is in a form of a body variant or something that remains to be seen. But right now, his priority would be the body type.

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