Acura to start accepting orders for NSX supercar this summer

Article by Christian A., on January 26, 2015

The order book for the Acura NSX sports car will be opened this summer, although the carmaker has yet to determine which dealers will have the privilege of selling the much-awaited vehicle. “We’re still putting together the requirements necessary to service the car,” Acura General Manager Mike Accavitti told Automotive News.

While all of Acura’s dealers could sell the NSX, some are expected to opt out due of its service requirements. Dealers are also expecting their sales in the United States to surge this year as Acura rolls out the redesigned ILX entry-level sedan and the RDX compact crossover.

Acura is also restructuring its leasing program to make it more attractive, Accavitti said. Acura’s dealers are also training sales associates who will educate buyers on the benefits of leasing.

Dealers are expecting the new ILX that will be rolled out in February to be a strong seller, targeting buyers aged 23 to 40. John Connelly, president of Acura Columbus in Dublin, Ohio, remarked that the ILX is a volume car that dealers need.

Acura’s crossovers, the RDX and larger MDX, remain the brand’s best-seller although car sales were disappointing in 2014 as they dropped 15 percent. In 2014, Acura’s overall sales in the US jumped 1 percent 167,843, while the market leaped 6 percent.“We’ve got to attract people who are 23 to 40,” said John Connelly.

The all-new NSX is a result of what Acura’s 'Interwoven Dynamic' engineering. It demonstrates the ideal blend of the form of an exotic sports car and the function of a supercar function.

NSX’s body has standard lowered and broad dimensions mixed with contemporary and attractive surfaces, a forceful design in front, and tail lamps that pay tribute to the first NSX. The hallmark side inlets and floating C-pillar directs air to flow to the mid-mounted engine and over the rear deck, increasing down force.

To house the new lateral mounted twin-turbo V6 and nine-speed DCT, the production vehicle is now longer (+3”) and wider (+1”) with just a bit more cab-forward packaging, compared with the dimensions of the NSX Concept launched in 2012.

Each design component of the exterior body exhibits a detailed fashioning for complete management of airflow that enhances downforce stability and vehicle cooling systems. The NSX has undergone comprehensive testing at Acura's ultramodern wind tunnel in Raymond, Ohio, which led to numerous significant modifications of the body design from the original concept, including improved hood vents, new vents at the front fender, altered side air inlets, and an optimised deck spoiler.

Human Support Cockpit

In line with developing the human-focused supercar concept, the NSX’s design focused uncompromisingly, from the inside out, on the driver. Like the first NSX, Acura created a Human Support Cockpit that offers excellent drive control, visibility, and wrapping, but advanced further to fulfil the intense performance potentials of a contemporary supercar.

The NSX’s interior has extraordinary visibility in front, minimal and easy-to-use controls, and first-in-class ergonomics -- most noticeably at the seat, which has top-rate holding performance with excellent comfort and easy entry and exit.

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