Acura TSX has an uncertain future as Honda will abandon the old platform

Article by Christian A., on June 3, 2013

According to the latest reports, it appears that Acura TSX has an uncertain future as Honda is preparing to abandon the platform used for the compact sedan. Acura boss, Jeff Conrad, said that the TSX will remain in the lineup for the foreseeable future. Apparently, the problem is that when it introduced the ILX last year, Acura managed to jam its sedan lineup because the new car and the TSX are positioned too close to each other.

Moreover, the TSX is also too close from the TL, while the RLX did manage to grow slightly and distance itself but not by much. The Acura TSX uses the old Honda Accord platform used also in Japan and Europe, while the new Accord that made its debut in the United States uses a new global platform. Moreover, according to Autocar, due to poor sales of the Honda Accord in Europe, the Japanese manufacturer will not keep the old platform.

That makes the TSX a car without a donor platform. Furthermore, Acura is also planning to redesign the TL for a 2014 launch and according to Automotive News the new vehicle will be smaller in order to make room for the flagship RLX. Currently, the Acura TL is company’s best-selling car, while the ILX has didn’t manage to overtake the old TSX. A redesigned 2014 TSX is expected to arrive in September.

Of the many models to come from Acura, one of the most popular is the TSX. For the 2009 version, it reveals a clean and all-new sheet design. It combines luxury appointments, style, fuel efficiency, athletic performance, and outstanding value. As such, the automotive media had been impressed, resulting in the sales of the TSX becoming strong.

No wonder, according to Global Insight, this model continues to lead the segment in terms of volume. However instead of simply being satisfied with this success, the engineers at the brand continued working and made sure to introduce major updates to what would become the 2011 TSX. Indeed, there are significant updates seen for the 2011 TSX.

Even then, this is not the biggest news to come from this new model. Instead, it is the fact that a new variant, will be included, which is the TSX Sport Wagon. Aside from having that added utility, it has a crisp style making it a good option for those looking to have a compact SUV. It offers better fuel economy with a cargo area that can rival many of today’s CUVs.

This is not all as the TSX Sport Wagon has a power actuated tailgate with a rear cargo area that allows for multiple configurations with a number of hidden storage areas. Further, by having a low lift-over height, loading is easier. Given the state of today’s economy, this variant of the TSX is sure to be a smart option for many customers. This is a model that does not sacrifice, or even compromise, just to attract present day savvy buyers.

The way that the technology, fuel efficiency, and value, have been mixed, it proves just how smart a luxury choice the TSX truly is. It comes as no surprise that the TSX holds the largest share of luxury sedan buyers under the age of 30 years.

Overall, the TSX Sport Wagon is an excellent choice for customers who follow an active life. It has that extra space for utility without experiencing any of the compromise that comes with lower fuel economy or increased size, something that has become visible in many SUVs.

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