Alpina joins bandwagon of pro-diesel automakers

Article by Christian A., on May 23, 2018

During the past few years, many automakers have developed a love-hate relationship towards diesel engines because of strict emission standards. Automakers have built a perception that diesel engines are not clean, and this is why some marques like Volvo and Nissan have decided to completely abandon the fuel type in the next few years.

In contrary to that, there are still other automakers like Mercedes-Benz and Mazda that believe that there still is a future for diesel engined vehicles, mainly because of SUVs. These big cars will need more torque in their power plants without turning a blind eye on fuel consumption.

To add to the list of pro diesel cars, it seems like Alpina will be joining them very soon, the independent performance tuner of BMW. Andreas Bovensiepen, head and son of founder, told Whichcar that he sees the future of diesel powertrains.

He adds that BMW has enough technology to keep diesel models clean, considering the fact that modern catalytic converters and AdBlue have proven very low NOx emission levels for the German marque. Furthermore, Bovensiepen is pretty confident about his belief, saying that European’s Real Driving Emissions testing is a way to keep tests consistent even when it comes to real life driving situations. Well, it seems like the Alpina boss is not worried about emissions testing.

Alpina is indeed a strong believer of diesel technology. And if you weren’t aware, their most recent vehicles are actually available in powerful diesel mills only, such as the XD3 and XD4, both of which are based on their BMW counterparts but with towering performance figures like 900 Newton metres on torque. The company is definitely proud of those figures. At the same time, they expect the new SUVs to bring in more sales for them.

If Alpina is firm about sticking with diesel engines, hybrid technology is something they are not ready to jump into. He thinks that hybrid motors have a tendency to make the car heavier, which is not really ideal for sporty cars. BMW already has joined the trend of hybrid vehicles, albeit it’s four cylinder types. Alpina, on the other hand, is not ready for this just yet.

It is good to know that even with all these reports that go against diesel engines, there are still a few people and automakers that believe that things can be worked out, one way or another. Now, let us see how Bovensiepen will prove that new measures will improve the cleanliness of diesels. This gives him the confidence to keep oil burners in the Alpina portfolio. Another question is whether Alpina eventually will develop hybrid or electric vehicles. It might take a while for the answer to arrive.


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