Anti-Tesla legislation in North Carolina killed by Model S

Article by Anita Panait, on November 29, 2013

On the verge of totally losing selling ground in North Carolina after the state Senate voted unanimously to block online auto sales, Tesla Motors Inc. turned to its greatest lobby weapon – the Model S. The carmaker parked a Model S at the capitol and invited lawmakers as well as Republican Gov. Pat McCrory for a test drive.

"When you accelerate it, it was the same sort of feeling I got when I test-drove a Mustang Boss back when I was probably 23 years old," House Speaker Thomas Tillis told the Raleigh News & Observer. The anti-Tesla legislation reached its cul-de-sac as Tillis's chamber never voted on it. Tesla chief executive Elon Musk wants to sell the Model directly to customers through the Internet or through its galleries.

However, this plan has met opposition in at least seven states from franchised dealers who view the carmaker’s marketing and sales models as threats. Tesla delivered about 5,500 Model S in the third quarter of 2013, over twice as many than in full year 2012.

The carmaker disclosed on Nov. 6 that it plans to deliver "slightly under 6,000" in the last quarter of 2013, with Musk saying demand exceeds supply.

The carmaker’s sales rely on access to customers, which are reached via a pattern after those of tech companies. The Tesla Model S is currently being investigated by US regulators following three fire incidents and an industrial incident where three workers were injured at its sole assembly plant.

Being the first sedan to be entirely powered with electricity, the Tesla Model S is a good example of how automotive engineering can still move forward. This model not only delivers on performance but it brings with it efficiency and safety.

In fact, by having the highest safety ratings possible coupled with the longest range for an electric vehicle, the Model S has effectively changed what the world should come to expect from a 21st century car. Further, Tesla is offering software updates to be done over-the-air, ensuring that the Model is always made better.

The company confidently says that when it comes to safety, the Model S is one of the safest out there. This boast is supported by the fact that by making use of the brand’s very own platform, it made it possible to put the batter on the floor with the electric drivetrain positioned under the vehicle itself. This results in the Model S having a center of gravity that is extremely low.

What this means is that the possibility of a rollover occurring is greatly lowered. Having a low center of gravity also means that performance and handling are improved. This is mainly the reason why the Model S has obtained 5-star safety ratings from both the NHTSA and the Euro NCAP. Further, during a test conducted in the U.S., this model managed to set the record when it comes to the lowest likelihood of occupants being injured.

Helping with the exceptional safety ratings is the fact that because the Model S does not have an engine, its crumple zone is larger compared to the other performance sedans available on the market. The crumple zone is the region that is responsible for absorbing the energy in the event of a front end impact. That said, there are also other active safety features that are included as standard and help with the ratings.

Examples include the lane departure warning, collision warning, blind spot detection, and automatic emergency braking. There are also convenience features offered, though many are optional. These include summon, autopark, autosteer, and traffic-aware cruise control. Overall, this simply means that the Model S is truly one of the safest cars out on the road.

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