Aston Martin working on an electric version of Cygnet

Article by Christian A., on May 16, 2011

Aston Martin is developing an electric version of the Cygnet, which will be launched in its gas-powered version later in 2011, according to Britain’s Car magazine. It actually shouldn’t come as a surprise since Aston Martin officials perceive the Cygnet as a means to give its customer base a vehicle that’s both efficient and luxurious. Many cities in Europe have been adding infrastructure that would be open only to electric and/or hybrid vehicles.

In addition, Aston won’t have to concern itself with extensive engineering to build the Cygnet electric vehicle. Toyota had long been considering an electric version for the iQ city car whose gas-powered form is the basis for the regular production Cygnet.

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota had displayed a production-ready version of the iQ EV. If the Cygnet EV is a mirror image of that car, it’s to be expected that the two-door will use a small electric motor to power the front wheels.

A lithium-ion battery pack will be positioned under the Cygnet’s floor. It’s estimated to have a range of 65 miles per charge. This is in line with Aston’s thinking that this will be used as an urban runabout and that for longer trips, Aston owners will use the Vantage, Vanquish, Virage, Rapide, or One-77, among others.

When it comes to compact luxury, the city car from Aston Martin that is the Cygnet manages to set new standards. This is because the Cygnet was inspired by the Aston Martin’s almost 100 hundred years of know-how when it comes to manufacturing exceedingly competitive racing vehicles, the long range and lavish grand tourers, and the high-performance sports cars.

With the Cygnet, the brand hopes to show that it is committed to integrity and innovation. Indeed, when it comes to knowledge in terms of design, technology, and craft, Aston Martin’s is unmatched. One product held in such high esteem is the Cygnet.

This makes it fitting for the future as cities during that time will likely have a unique luxury brand scene. Due to the current social change and the legislation that follows, it is likely that there would be a separation when it comes to product types that will either be urban or even anti-urban. The company believes that by having the Cygnet, it will be in the lead when it comes to these different changes and thus guarantees that its image will remain successful even under new market situations.

Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez shares that the company believes it is time to take a new view on this as the company is not only honest but has never made any compromises. When the company decides to do something, he continues, it makes sure that it does it right. When Aston Martin decides to focus on performance, it does performance without compromising or downsizing its sports cars, CEO Bez adds. As expected from the brand, the Cygnet does not compromise anything and can meet the needs of customers when it comes to space and CO2 emissions, he further adds.

Bez relates that when it comes to urban travel, many of the company’s regulars prefer a small car. Consumers will always want the right tools for the right task, and if there is a need to scale back, artistry, intelligence, and even personality, are not compromised, he relates further. The idea behind the Cygnet is simple in nature in that when it comes to city driving, speed is generally equated to freedom.

With a length of 3 meters, this model is able to deliver a new sense of freedom as it can easily enter the small openings in traffic and even take advantage of even the smallest parking space. It even has better fuel economy and releases the lowest CO2 emission. All of these are accomplished while being able to offer high levels of comfort and quality. Meanwhile Director of Design at Aston Martin Marek Reichman, discloses that while the Cygnet may indeed be small, it remains to be a lush car, a true Aston Martin that has been customized for city driving.

Luxury will never be limited by scale, he adds. By offering an unlimited selection of colors, textures, and even materials, each Cygnet is hand-finished and thus offers a true customized vehicle in the city, Director Reichman continues. Dr. Ulrich further says that the Cygnet is intended to encourage the company’s line-up of sports cars by offering a higher-degree of freedom under an urban setting.

While the Cygnet is a premium vehicle, it comes with a compact package that has personality, soul, and heart, he continues, making it truly a special car. Personalized for city use, the company hopes this will facilitate its move to the future.

This is the reality and it is the best option for customers who need a bespoke and high-end commuter car. Launched at Aston Martin’s advanced facility back in 2004, this is the eighth major production vehicle from the brand. It is proof that the company is not only committed to British engineering but is supported by a strong network or suppliers and a loyal local workforce.

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