Audi A6 Hybrid unofficially confirmed for U.S. for 2012

Article by Christian A., on August 1, 2011

Audi hasn’t officially confirmed yet that its A6 Hybrid will be offered in the U.S. market but there are definite signs that this is the plan. The A6 Hybrid was introduced last January at the Detroit Motor Show. According to Car&Driver magazine, sources said that this model will start selling in the U.S. in 2012 and that it will be priced higher than $55,000.

The US-spec model will have slight differences when compared to the European model as Audi had to keep the price down.

The hybrid presented in the Detroit show featured an electric motor positioned at the back of the TFSI powerplant. It also featured a modified 8-speed tiptronic transmission that distributes the power from the two engines to its front wheels.

There’s no doubt that Audi will keep this configuration. It will be powered by the TFSI 2.0-liter engine that could deliver up to 211hp. The electric unit offers an extra 45hp and 211 Nm of torque. Its battery is a lithium-ion pack that has a 39 kW output.

The arrival of the A6 Hybrid is expected to coincide with the presentation of the 250 hp 3.0 TDI diesel version of the same car. Audi claims that the hybrid can go from zero to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 7.3 seconds and that its top speed is 238 km/h (147.89 mph). Audi also asserted that it has an average fuel consumption of 6.2 liters per 100 km (37.94 US mpg).

With the new Audi A6, the company is displaying how it has redesigned the top model of its executive class. In addition to having an athletic chassis and light body, it also comes equipped with a wide range of assistance systems and multimedia features.

Indeed, inside this full-sized sedan are a number of advanced solutions in almost all spheres of technology. Audi will also be offering an extensive range of drivetrains and engines. The company will also be offering the A6 Hybrid which will have the fuel efficiency of a 4-cylinder unit combined with the power from a V6 engine. While it is yet to be officially released, it won’t come as a surprise if the A6 Hybrid will become the lineup’s highlight.

One feature that manages to differentiate the A6 from all other models of the company is the logical ergonomics concept. Standard equipment includes the newest MMI radio operating system and the automatic and efficient air conditioning system. The MMI touch operation system though is only as option. What this system does is to allow the MMI hard-drive navigation plus system to be managed by using a touchpad. Another option is the head-up display which shows information needed by the driver to the windshield. Customers can also opt to have the LED headlights which help highlight the already striking expression of its front.

In terms of dimensions, the A6 has a length of 4.92 meters (16.14 feet), and a width at 1.87 meters (6.14 feet). Height however is merely at 1.46 meters (4.79 feet). Its engine hood is long while the roofline is wide yet low. Combining this with the lines on the sides, it gives the A6 that overall dynamic appearance.

As such, in addition to have the elegance and athleticism one would expect from an Audi model, the proportions are unmatched even by its rivals. In terms of composition, the A6’s body is made up of advanced steel and aluminum and thus making it safe, stiff, and more importantly, light.

By utilizing sophisticated material and design methods, the noise level in the interior is kept low. Vibrational comfort is exceptional and this is thanks to the systematic hydraulic damping of its drivetrain and axle bearings and the way all the components have been precisely tuned.

While the exterior does have a powerful style, this is reflected in the roomy interior. A significant element of the cabin is the wrap-around which is an inlay that goes around the driver and the passenger in the front seat. Through the gracefully curved panels of the dashboard, the driver is placed at the interior’s center. It is clear that each aspect of its interior is derived from the brand’s recent investments in its production.

Every material, like the layered-wood veneer, was chosen and created with the highest of care. For those who want to experience extra comfort, it is possible to fit the front seats with massage and ventilation functions. By having the stylish ambient lighting under the lighting package, the interior gets small points of light.

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