Audi is named best overall car brand for 2017, Tesla is ranked highest among US brands

Article by Christian A., on March 2, 2017

And the best car brand for this year goes again to Audi! If there’s anything we can count on to tell us which among the automotive brands makes the best cars, it’s Consumer Reports. For two years in a row, Audi claimed the highest spot in the annual ranking of car brands. Audi is trailed closely by Porsche, BMW and Lexus. Audi has the highest overall score of 81 against Porsche with 78 and both BMW and Lexus getting 77.

The fifth spot went to Subaru with the score of 74 while the remaining six out of ten spots went to Kia Mazda, Tesla and Buick. Luckily for Porsche and BMW, the two were able to show significant improvement in their ratings as compared to last year. The overall scores are basically a combination of several factors such as safety, predicted reliability, road tests and owner satisfaction rating. So while Audi got the highest total score in the overall ranking, Porsche got a higher score in the road test with 88 points while both Audi and BMW got 86 in the same category.

The top five car brands from last year are actually the same group this year. Only the rankings changed. Subaru has lost two spots this year. Porsche and BMW went up by two slots while Lexus has moved down by one. Meanwhile, Tesla takes the lead when it comes to the highest US automotive brand this year after having earned the 8th position with a road test score of 88 points and overall score of 73 points.

There is actually a total of 31 car brands on the Consumer Reports analysis. The 11th to 20th place goes to Toyota (11), Hyundai (12), Acura (13), Volvo (14), Lincoln (15), Infiniti (16) , Chevrolet (17), Cadillac (18), Chrysler (19) and Mercedes Benz (20). Chrysler went up to seven places while Acura, Infiniti and Cadillac moved up to 6 spots as compared with the previous year. In fact, Chrysler got an average of 84 points for the road test this year while the three others only received 73, 77 and 79 respectively.

The 21st to 30th spot was left for Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mini, GMC, Jaguar, Dodge, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, and Jeep. The very last spot went to Fiat at number thirty-one with 52 points for the road test and 41 points overall.

Consumer Reports made it clear that corporate behavior is not one of the factors that mattered in this list.

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