Audi planning a 282 mpg 4-seater city car

Article by Christian A., on December 2, 2012

Audi is planning a 4-seater city car that is built on the existing Audi A1 platform and can return 282mpg. Autocar interviewed Wolfgang Durheimer, the automaker’s new head of technical development, who said that this car, which will be internally known as the Audi ‘1.0-litre car’, will be built on the platform of the current A1 and will be a relatively inexpensive full four-seater that provides all the creature comforts of a normal car, which include climate control.

Audi has yet to release the complete details. Already dubbed to be the most economical family car ever, this model will feature electrical assistance.

However, it won’t be equipped with the two-cylinder diesel engine offered in the two-seat VW XLR-1 prototype. Durheimer said that the 1.0-litre car will make use of a revised version of the A1’s steel platform since weight isn’t the most significant engineering obstacle in this project.

It’s believed that the interior of the car would be much lighter than normal, the same with the suspension system. Audi may use a new kind of injection-moulded carbonfibre for several parts, which can be built in only 2.5 minutes, which makes it a much faster process than conventional carbonfibre manufacturing. It’s estimated that the project will arrive at showrooms about three years from now at the earliest.

During the 64th International Motor Show (IAA) held annually in Frankfurt, Audi showed audiences what it believes is the future when it comes to electric mobility. Specifically, this was the A2 Concept with its pure electricity powertrain. For this particular technical study, the brand hopes to showcase a classic space concept at premium levels with enough room for a total of four occupants.

Just under the window’s edge is a dynamic light which begins at the front and goes all the way to the back. This band of lights has several dynamic and innovative light functions. Meanwhile approach sensors have been integrated to determine if the owner is neat and the door is unlocked through gesture control. During a drive, this dynamic light also acts a side marker light, one that is continuous.

Should the indicator of the car be activated, these light impulses go through the entire band of light. In terms of dimensions, the A2 Concept has a length of 12.47 feet (3.80 m), width of 5.54 feet (1.69 m), and height at 4.89 feet (1.49 m). With these measurements, the concept car is able to get an athletic, powerful, and graceful impression especially on the street.

The look is clean and focused on the basics. In addition, all of the details may be subtle but they have been formed to give that visual impact. One interesting feature of this white show car is that the dark glass roof, at the press of a button, immediately shifts to a transparent version. The headlights on the other hand have that matrix beam, which is considered by Audi as the next stage as it relates to LED technology. This matrix beam is composed of micro-reflectors and LEDs that produce non-glaring and high-resolution beam light.

For the low-beam LED light module, it is framed by the elegant daytime running light fibers. Meanwhile the intelligent tail lights are able to make the needed changes to the illumination to adjust to the current condition of visibility. On the other hand, the fog light in the rear comes from the laser diodes. What it does is show a beam of light through the fog and then display a red triangle on the road, which serves as a warning.

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