Audi Prologue Allroad Concept set to launch at Auto Shanghai

Article by Christian A., on April 20, 2015

The highly advanced, elegant, and practical Audi prologue allroad is set to make its world premiere at Auto Shanghai. This show car has five doors and its body has been raised, giving it a tougher stance. Digital interaction between the driver and the passengers is possible in this concept. One can’t help but be impressed with this plug-in hybrid as it delivers 734 hp but comes with very low consumption.

All of Audi’s allroad models do not disappoint. The same is true with the Audi prologue allroad. It can be recalled that fifteen years ago, Audi released the allroad Quattro, a new class of automobile that broke a lot of boundaries. This car features the dynamics and comfort of luxury cars but with optimum variability and a superb off-road ability.

What Audi shows off at the China show is a fresh version of its allroad theme, giving us a glimpse of the brand’s future in terms of design. The Audi prologue allroad measures 5.13 metres and features a long front-end and a roofline that quickly drops again. Its very flat D-pillars make its profile more athletic and showcase the allroad concept’s dynamics and elegance in a fresh manner.

The Audi prologue allroad has bold bumpers and the widely flared wheel wells, which accommodate a set of 22‑inch wheels with a five-arm design. With the proportions, the front and rear wheel are equally emphasized. With a Dehua White finish, this show car breathes elegance in every little detail. The window capping strips have sensor surfaces for the door locks.

The charging port and fuel tank also have electric covers. The car has aluminium accents all over it, including on the roof rails, the mirror housings, the parts around the windows as well as its front and rear. Along the wheel wheels, we see an extension offset in grey. We also see the entire bottom edge of the raised body, expressing the car’s strength and power as well as its width.

The front is dominated by a flat and wide Singleframe grille that is integrated into the body. The brushed aluminium crossbars offer a cohesive look, leading to a new version of the Audi e-tron appearance. Audi leads when it comes to lighting technology. The show car uses wedge-shaped headlights that utilize Matrix laser technology.

Since the light is cut down into numerous tiny pixels, there are countless ways of distributing this light. The upper and outer edges of the air inlets are separated by the bumper blade, giving off a new e-tron light signature from the LED light guides. The rear of this car is drawn-in laterally and shows off a dynamic look even when it’s unmoving.

The LED rear lights are connected by a thin strip of lights. The housings are built using 3D glass and this leads to three-dimensional, sculpted effects. Meanwhile, the rear apron features flat, horizontally split openings on the two sides that graphically merge the exhaust system into the rear-end design. This detail is symbolic of the drive concept of the Audi prologue allroad – the efficient interaction between combustion engine and electric motor.

Those in the market for a car that’s useful for daily driving and recreation will love the Audi prologue allroad. The car’s interior is roomy and luxurious. It features graceful lines and slender geometric bodies that give off the feeling of serenity, lightness, and expanse.

In addition, the continuous centre console and the front seats seem to float. The instrument panel has a horizontal orientation. Furthermore, its upper level is part of the wraparound. This arc encompasses the cabin and the luggage compartment.

The broad air vent is covered by a perforated trim panel. When the air-conditioning is switched higher, it retracts. The car comes with a fresh display and operating concept. The front of the instrument panel spans its entire width. This display surface integrates three touch displays.

Aluminium frames are seen on the driver displays on both sides of the steering wheel. The front passenger can make use of a widescreen display fully integrated into the instrument panel to configure infotainment options.

Simply by swiping, the options can be brought to the right driver display or to the Audi virtual cockpit future at the back of the steering wheel. [source: Audi]

Press Release

Audi Prologue Allroad Concept

High-end technology and unrestricted everyday practicality, plus alluring elegance: The Audi prologue allroad made its world premiere at 2015 Auto Shanghai. In any terrain, in any situation: the five-door model with the raised body provides a new emphasis in the Audi prologue show car family. Its operating concept enables digital interaction between driver and passengers; the plug-in hybrid drive impresses with 540 kW (734 hp), yet low consumption.

Audi prologue, Audi prologue Avant and now the Audi prologue allroad: the new Audi design language is diverse, emotional and groundbreaking.

Like all allroad models from Audi, the Audi prologue allroad makes no compromises. 15 years ago, a new class of automobile debuted with the Audi allroad quattro: a car combining the comfort and dynamics of the luxury class with maximum variability and masterful off-road capability. Audi is now presenting a study in China that reflects a fresh interpretation of the typical allroad themes, providing a clear glimpse at the brand's design future. The design of the Audi allroad prologue accentuates the elegant sportiness and uniqueness of the allroad concept.

Powerful and elegant: the side view

Viewed from the side, the 5.13 meter (16.8 ft) Audi prologue allroad displays the new, dynamic interpretation of the Audi allroad philosophy. A long front-end, a roofline that quickly begins to drop again and extremely flat D-pillars give it an athletic profile and emphasize the elegance and dynamics of the allroad concept in a fresh way.

The prominent bumpers and the flared wheel wells make the all-around talents of the Audi prologue allroad abundantly clear at the very first glance. The proportions emphasize the front and rear wheel equally. The widely flared wheel wells house 22‑inch wheels with a five-arm design.

The show car, demurely finished in Dehua White, is a stage for progressive elegance in every detail. The window capping strips include sensor surfaces for the door locks; the covers for the charging port and fuel tank are also electric. Aluminum accents the roof rails, the mirror housings, the area around the windows and both the front and rear of the car. An extension offset in gray runs along the wheel wheels and the entire bottom edge of the raised body. It expresses the power and robustness of the car and makes it seem even wider.

Progressive: the front end

A flat and wide Singleframe grille dominates the front. It is flushly integrated into the body of the automobile. With their cohesive appearance, its brushed aluminum crossbars create a new variant of the Audi e-tron look. The show car's wedge-shaped headlights feature Matrix laser technology, an innovation that further extends Audi's lead in lighting technology. The light is broken down in to countless tiny pixels, and the possibilities for distributing this light are virtually boundless. LED light guides sketch a new e-tron light signature at the upper and outer edges of the air inlets, which are bisected by the bumper blade.

Dynamic: the rear

The rear of the Audi prologue allroad is strongly drawn-in laterally and as with a yacht is tilted in the direction of travel, giving the show car a dynamic appearance even when standing still. A narrow strip of lights connects the LED rear lights. Their housings are made of 3D glass producing three-dimensional, sculpted effects. The sporty rear apron includes flat, horizontally split opening on both sides that graphically integrate the exhaust system into the rear-end design. This detail symbolizes the drive concept of the Audi prologue allroad - the efficient interplay of combustion engine and electric motor.

Spacious and airy: the interior

With its serenely elegant and highly variable interior, the Audi prologue allroad is the perfect car for everyday driving and recreation. Driver and passengers experience the spacious interior of the show car as a luxurious lounge. Lithely drawn lines and slender geometric bodies convey the impression of expanse, serenity and lightness. The continuous center console and the front seats appear to float. The instrument panel features a strictly horizontal orientation. Its upper level is part of the wraparound - the arc encircling the cabin and the luggage compartment. A perforated trim panel covers the broad air vent; it retracts as soon as the air-conditioning is set higher.

Glimpse into the future: the instrument panel

The interior architecture of the Audi prologue allroad merges with a groundbreaking new display and operating concept. Across its full width, the front of the instrument panel is designed to be a display surface which integrates three touch displays. Aluminum frames surround the driver displays to the right and left of the steering wheel. The front passenger can configure infotainment options using a widescreen display fully integrated into the instrument panel. He can swipe to send these to the right driver display or to the Audi virtual cockpit future behind the steering wheel.

The center console tunnel houses an additional driver display for climate control system, infotainment and text input. Featuring innovative OLED technology with an extremely thin, flexible film, it displays brilliant, high-contrast images. When inactive, the display is in a flat retracted position; as soon as the car is started, it moves up at an angle. The brand with the four rings is also breaking new ground with the Audi virtual cockpit future, which lies in the driver's field of view. High-resolution displays and three semi-transparent mirrors generate a virtual visual stage with three levels. Thanks to this staggered approach, information is structured better and is easier to grasp.

Innovation in the rear

Rear passengers in the Audi prologue allroad sit in individual seats. They use an additional OLED display on the center console to adjust the seats, the climate control system and the infotainment for their area or to exchange data with the driver. When the audio system is switched on, a sound spoiler moves out of the rear wheelhouse panelings, homogeneously distributing music in the interior in top quality. Two Audi tablets, which can be mounted in the backs of the front seats, also use OLED technology. They are extremely thin and slightly curved.

The show car offers its driver and passengers superior comfort before the car even begins to move. The "butler" - an innovative, intelligent software program - identifies the passengers as they get based on their smartphones and adjusts the seats and climate control system according to their preferences. The system also makes suggestions for music and route planning according to the owner's preferences. The Easy Slot system in the center console connects the phones with the onboard infotainment system and charges them inductively.

Novel: the materials and colors

The color and trim concept in the interior of the Audi prologue allroad emphasizes comfort and sporty elegance. The upper section of the instrument panel is finished in Lifestyle Blue, while the lower zone, the seats and the carpeting are Sard Brown. Bezels of open-pored, dark fine-grain ash veneer adorn the wraparound, the doors and the center tunnel console. Aluminum elements set powerful accents.

Natural-looking Unicum leather is in large sections of the instrument panel, on the center console tunnel and on the seats. Artfully designed perforations in the seat center lines are evocative of the Singleframe grille bars. A generous band of Alcantara runs from the door inserts over the arm rests to the luggage compartment.

Powerful efficiency

Powerful on the road, superior in light terrain, always efficient: the technology in the Audi prologue allroad offers the ultimate in automotive freedom.

The 4.0 TFSI engine - a V8 with twin turbochargers - and the electric motor integrated into the eight-speed tiptronic produce 540 kW (734 hp) of system power and 900 Nm (663.8 lb-ft) of system torque. The quattro all-wheel drive system utilizes the power of the Audi prologue allroad perfectly in every situation.

The show car rockets from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.5 seconds, yet consumes just 2.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (98.0 US mpg) according to the NEDC standard for plug-in hybrids, which corresponds to 56 grams CO2 per kilometer (90.1 g/mi). The lithium-ion battery mounted in the rear of the car has a capacity of 14.1 kWh for a purely electric range of 54 kilometers (33.6 mi). With its AWC (Audi wireless charging) technology which the brand is developing for series production, the Audi prologue allroad can also be charged inductively.

The body of the Audi prologue allroad is 77 millimeters (3.0 in) higher than that of the Audi prologue Avant. The chassis is state-of-the-art. The front and wheel axles are lightweight, five-link constructions. The 20-inch brake discs are made of weight-saving carbon-fiber ceramic. The adaptive air suspension sport - an air suspension system with controlled damping - offers a wide range between extremely comfortable cruising and tight handling. The dynamic all-wheel steering combines a variable-ratio, dynamic steering unit with an additional steering unit for the rear wheels to harmoniously resolve the conflict between dynamic driving and stability.

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