Audi CEO confirms there won't be a Sport Quattro Concept production version

Article by Christian A., on March 27, 2017

Sorry to say this to the Sport Quattro Concept fanatics. If you guys have been hoping for the production of this iconic concept to begin, prepare for your dreams to be quashed. Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Audi Sport, has no interest in producing the said model. Although Winkelmann referred to it as a “nice dream,” he feels like there is so much more to take care of in the company, and that as of now, it is not his top priority. Instead, the Audi CEO is currently focusing on the company’s lineup.

In 2010, Audi initially launched the RS5 concept to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Quattro, as a contemporary version of the original Quattro sports coupe (first launched in 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show). This was followed by an update in 2013 when they presented the Sport Quattro with a hybrid 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 TFSI engine, boasting an output of 690 horsepower (515 kilowatts) and 590 pound-feet (800 NM) of torque, wearing a stunning yellow paint.

And just a year later at the 2014 Consumer Electronics show, the red Sport Quattro Laserlight concept made its debut, again with added features such as the laser-assisted matrix LED headlights. Unconfirmed reports say that a production version is in the plans and had long been expected to arrive after all these years of concepts being showcased.

Well, not all rumors are accurate, and we heard it from the CEO himself that a new Sport Quattro will not be produced. However, with every sad news comes good news to balance things out. The company is currently busy working on a new line of crossovers. Specifically, an upgrade of the RS Q3 - and I mean, bigger and better versions. Apart from this, higher-end models of the Q5, Q7, and probably a future Q8 will be the focus of the company right now. To make it easier to sell globally, Audi will be utilizing gasoline-fueled engines only instead of adding diesel for the upcoming models.

In addition to what I have already mentioned above, several new RS models are on their way. There was a leaked presentation that shows an RS5 Sportback model, as well as the testing of the RS4 Avant that had already been revealed not so long ago. Furthermore, the company was said to be developing the next RS6 Avant, which might be released two years from now. Lastly, Audi Sport is considering bringing the Allroad performance wagon to North America after its success its Europe, according to an unnamed source.

That is a handful of projects for the company, which probably explains why they don’t have time to produce a Sport Quattro at the moment.

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