Audi to introduce an electric all-wheel drive system named e-Quattro

Article by Christian A., on August 31, 2012

Audi is planning on using the electric all-wheel drive system named e-Quattro on its other models. The system features an electric motor that will power the rear wheels under certain conditions. It was previously reported that the Audi A4 Hybrid model will make use of this technology. The Quattro system will be incorporated on upcoming models as it discontinues the traditional all-wheel drive system.

With this technology, costs are expected to go up due to the use of an electric motor and batteries to make the e-Quattro setup function. There are advantages but it has yet to be seen whether these outweigh the cons. The e-Quattro will likely be a production model only after the next-generation A4 and A6 are launched within three years.

It seems that Audi wants to make the standard quattro and e-Quattro systems available even when the new technology is presented. However, it’s not likely that e-Quattro will be used on MQB-platform based vehicles such as the Audi A3.

There’s a big chance that the heavier SUV models will be available only with the conventional quattro system. Using the e-Quattro system leads to a more frugal engine. It doesn’t have a driveshaft connecting the front and rear wheels so it would be interesting to letting it be driven in real-world situations. 

Audi has revealed that the flagship model for its executive class has been redesigned. In addition to having a light body, the new A6 comes with a chassis that has been designed to be athletic. This model has been fitted with a number of innovative solutions in each technological aspect. It also has a wide range of multimedia systems and assistance systems equipped inside.

When it comes to the interior, this full-sized sedan offers enough space while mirroring the style displayed on the exterior. The defining feature of the cabin is the “wrap-around” element, which is an inlay that encircles the occupants in front. With the use of the dash panels that have been curved in an elegant manner, it gives the appearance of the driver being in the middle of the interior.

As mentioned earlier, the body of the new A6 is light and this is because of the use of not only aluminum but high-tech steels as well. Thus, in addition to being light, it is stiff and safe as well. Further, the implementation of cutting-edge design methods and the use of exceptional materials result in interior noise level being minimized.

Vibrational comfort is more than guaranteed due to the system hydraulic damping of the drivetrain and axle bearings. Helping ensure the remarkable vibrational comfort is the fact that all of the components have undergone precise tuning.

Power is not an issue as well as there is a wide range of engines and drivetrains being offered for the new A6. In fact, the main highlight of this range is the upcoming A6 Hybrid which will have a drivetrain with the fuel efficiency offered by a four-cylinder engine and combined with the power present in a V6 engine. In terms of design, the new A6 showcases not just elegance but more importantly, athleticism.

Indeed, the proportions are considered as unmatched even by the competition. Overall length is at 16.14 feet (4.92 meters), having width at 6.14 feet (1.87 meters), and a height of 4.79 feet (1.46 meters). A combination of the long engine hood, more pronounced lines on the side, and the sweeping and low roofline, results in an overall dynamic appearance. For those who want the front section to have a more striking appearance, Audi is offering LED headlights as an option.

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