Audi to offer TDI engine as option for the 2014 A4 sedan in the US

Article by Anita Panait, on March 14, 2013

Audi will be offering a TDI engine as an option for its next-generation A4 sedan in the United States as it extends its target to sell more diesel engines in the country. Audi will be rolling out a new version of the A4 in 2014. Audi skipped the current model in November 2012 when it disclosed plans to offer four more TDI models in the US.

Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America, said that dealerships in the US will receive the Audi A4 with a two-liter TDI engine after the new generation arrives. Audi’s decision to offer a TDI engine-powered A4 in the US reflects a strategy to meet rising corporate average fuel economy standards without jeopardizing torque.

Although diesel is more expensive than regular unleaded gasoline in the US, brands like Jeep, Chevrolet and Mazda have recently launched diesel-powered models to take advantage of their better fuel economy. Keogh said that Audi decided to wait on plans to roll out a TDI version of the A4 to the US until the model’s redesign.

The president of Audi of America told Automotive News in a phone interview that with the A4 already deep in its life cycle, it does not make any sense to dramatically re-engineer and re-architect the car to only have a two-year selling period. Audi sold 35,415 units of the A4 or its S4 performance variant in 2012 in the US. The A4 and the S4 variant accounted for one in four of the 139,310 Audis sold in the US in 2012.

Audi already offers a TDI engine in the Q7 crossover and the outgoing A3 hatchback in the US. The carmaker disclosed at the Los Angeles Auto Show that it will offer a diesel engine in the Q5 crossover, in the A6, A7 and A8 high-end sedans. The A8 diesel will be rolled out in the spring and the other three models will be rolled out in the fall. Keogh said Audi considered installing a 3-liter TDI engine in the next A4, but eventually decided that sales would be too low to justify the investment.

Audi’s bestselling vehicle for almost four decades is the A4, now in its eighth generation, selling ten million models in total so far. The Audi A4, with its sophistication, athleticism, and emotive attractiveness, is the Audi brand’s main focus of attention. And now a clearer, more defined, and striking design pervades all the models - the Avant, the Sedan, the allroad Quattro, and the S4.

The new appearance increases the emphasis on the front end’s horizontal lines. The engine bonnet is more curved, the upper edges of the single-framed grille are narrowing, and the cross ribs and the Audi rings have a three-dimensional effect. The grille is coloured grey, with highly glossed black on the six-cylinder versions or combined with the S line exterior package. The re-engineered bumpers are attractive with their angled air intakes, their modified grilles, and the flattened front fog lamps. The Audi A4 allroad quattro stands out with its grille's chrome horizontal applications and its rounded fog lamps.

Changed also are the headlights; they now have a subtle wave at the bottom outlines. And there’s a reconfigured interior. Audi can outfit them with xenon plus headlamps on request. The LED daytime running lights create a thin, visually consistent band that stays open around the xenon lens. The adaptive light, along with active and static cornering lighting, is available on request.

The tail lamps follow the shape of those lights in front and, along with the xenon plus, have standardised LED strips. The bumper, with a redesigned diffuser insert, has an exhaust system that will always end in dual tailpipes.

There are 15 paint finishes to choose from, including four new selections. The Sedan and the Avant offer the S line exterior package, while the Avant also has a roof spoiler.

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