Auto China 2012: Rolls-Royce Ghost Six Senses Concept

Article by Christian A., on April 23, 2012

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has long been considered as the leader when it comes to luxury goods. For this particular market however, there are a number of products that can enthrall one, or maybe two, senses. However to captivate all of the five senses, it takes a hand-built car to make it possible. Dubbed as the Ghost Six Senses, this luxurious and custom-made concept car not only manages to capture the rich experiences one expects from a Rolls-Royce, it also brings sensory experience to new heights.

Indeed, by going near this concept car and opening the coach doors, all of the five senses are instantly ignited. Once inside, this delightful feel continues given the different special bespoke modifications and the lavish, soft leather with nothing but the finest of veneer detailing. Let’s start with sight. This elegant and beautiful luxury car is clearly pleasing to look at.

Fitted with forged alloy wheels, this is complemented with the pearlescent Carrara White finish. The rich detailing on the interior is bound to catch one’s eye at once when entering the doors. To give a clue as to the amount of power available, there is the diagonally placed cross-branding in brown oak and the Walnut Burr veneer with its deep luster. Up next is touch. Let’s start with the opulent and chrome leather and go all the way to the veneers, Rolls-Royce models have been the best tactile way to go on those ultra-luxurious trips.

However for the Ghost Six Senses, this is taken to a whole new level as for the first time, natural grain leather has been included. Its deep pile lambswool rug invites occupants to immerse their feet to it. When trying to store in that bespoke luggage, the boot can be opened using a remote opener and the excellent feel is heightened especially upon seeing the lining is made of lambswool. Third sense is aroma and by making use of the best materials for the interior, this allows Rolls-Royce models to have that unique scent.

The rich aroma that enters the nose once the doors are opened is courtesy of the natural soft grain leather fitted on the hand-crafted seats. Enhancing the scent is the walnut veneer which gives off a woody spice hint. Sound is another important sense as when it comes to Rolls-Royce, silence has been its major feature for a century now.

However, during the 21st century, the brand came up with the Phantom and Ghost models which were equipped with the latest systems in order to provide music in a striking fashion. Inside the Ghost Six Senses, a concept audio system has been placed wherein the amplifier has been modified in order to fill the rear cabin with excellent sound. Meanwhile the leather headlining now has “exciter” speakers inside which ensure that the center of sound is close to the ear of the occupant. Finally, there is taste, which is unlikely in a car.

For the Ghost Six Senses, the panoramic sunroof makes sure that the rear cabin gets that needed light, allowing those sitting in this area to be more relaxed and do so with style. Occupants who want to get the full experience, vintage champagne can be stored in the coolbox which itself has that wonderful sound-wave etching. Talking about the Ghost Six Senses, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös shared that this concept car was designed to have a luxurious environment that would appeal even to the most discerning customers.

It not only serves to pleasure the senses, he continued, but also puts you in a place that is way beyond the interior. Just a few moments in this model and you will not only feel relaxed but get to experience what is truly difficult to define but which Rolls-Royce loyal customers have long known, he added.

CEO Müller-Ötvös said further that the best description for the Ghost Six Senses is that it is like an aura, considering that the hand-crafted interior is the best expression of both the heart and the soul of the person who made it. This is the sixth sense that is uniquely Rolls-Royce and is represented well in this concept car. Overall, the Ghost Six Senses is able to redefine a simple truth which is that a Rolls-Royce will always more than simply be the sum of its parts, he concluded.

Press Release


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars proudly presents the Ghost Six Senses concept, a highly-bespoke luxury model that encapsulates the richness of experience that comes as standard with any Rolls-Royce and takes it to a new level of sensory indulgence.

Approaching this luxurious Rolls-Royce and opening its coach doors immediately ignites the senses for sight, taste, touch, sound and aroma. And the sense of surprise and delight continues as guests encounter the lavish use of soft, sumptuous leathers, finest veneer detailing and special bespoke enhancements.

"The Ghost Six Senses concept is a luxurious environment designed for the most discerning of individuals," commented Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce CEO. "It delights the senses and draws you into somewhere that transcends the interior of a car. Relax for a few moments and you will experience something that is hard to define, but which our customers understand so well.

"It can be likened to an aura, a sense that the stunning hand-made interior embodies something of the heart and soul of each proud craftsperson involved in its creation. That's a uniquely Rolls-Royce sixth sense that this car presents so elegantly."

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is the world's leading luxury goods manufacturer. And while the world of luxury presents many objects of desire that captivate one or more senses, it takes one of these hand-built cars to awaken all five.


Beautiful and elegant, a Rolls-Royce Ghost is a sign of impeccable taste, a luxury car that is instantly pleasing to the eye. Ghost Six Senses' pearlescent Carrara White finish complements new forged alloy wheels while eyes are immediately drawn to rich interior detailing upon entry through its coach doors. The deep lustre of the Walnut Burr veneer complete with diagonally-oriented, brown oak cross-banding, are designed to hint at the extraordinary power at the driver's disposal.


For more than 100 years the sound of silence has driven the Rolls-Royce brand. But 21st century Ghost and Phantom models also present an auditorium in which the most advanced systems can deliver music in the most impressive fashion. The concept audio system in Ghost Six Senses richly fills the spacious rear cabin thanks to its upgraded amplifier and the inclusion of 'exciter' speakers housed in the leather headlining that help raise the centre of sound closer to a passenger's ear.


The finest interior materials create scents that are unique to Rolls-Royce. The rich aroma greeting Ghost Six Senses' occupants comes from the most supple natural soft grain leather in enveloping, hand-crafted seats, as well as in the car's leather headlining, with added hints of the woody spice in the walnut veneer.


Bathed in light from a panoramic sunroof, the rear cabin urges occupants to relax in style. For the ultimate taste experience the most refreshing chilled drinks or vintage champagne can be served from Ghost Six Senses' coolbox, in flutes featuring a delightful sound-wave etching.


From cool chrome and sumptuous leather to the finest veneers, a Rolls-Royce is the most tactile way to travel in ultra-luxury. Ghost Six Senses takes this concept further with the inclusion of natural grain leather for the first time. Deep pile lambswool rugs encourage occupants to submerge feet, while opening the boot effortlessly with remote opener, reveals a further lambswool lining to cosset luxury bespoke luggage.

"Ghost Six Senses redefines a simple truth," added Torsten Müller-Ötvös. "A Rolls-Royce is always so much more than the sum of its beautiful parts."

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