Auto China 2014: Nissan Lannia Concept is for China’s rising “Post-80s” generation [w/video]

Article by Christian A., on April 21, 2014

Nissan premiered today its newest global concept aimed at meeting the lifestyle needs of the rising "Post-80s" generation of China. Dubbed as the Lannia Concept, this model resulted from the strong partnership between Nissan Global Design Center and Nissan Design China located in Beijing. Being positioned as the "sedan theory-breaker," the model reveals a design that is agile, energetic, and clearly sleek.

Without a doubt, it is a design that is sure to meet the needs of many modern Chinese "Post-80s" trendsetters, especially in relation to values and tastes. Commenting about this new model, Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer revealed that the Lannia Concept will now be part of the brand's ever growing range of models that are focused on the Chinese market.

While it is a model that was designed and manufactured in China, he added, it is a model that is aimed at a worldwide market. Palmer continued by saying that in coming out with this model, it needed the heavy involvement of many local Chinese teams. This includes the market research and all the way to the design which resulted in the Lannia Concept.

He said that the model's Chinese name is "lan niao, yin xiang," and was revealed in honor of the iconic Nissan Bluebird, whose spirit has been reborn. In addition to the new model, Palmer also officially launched the NISMO Brand in China. NISMO is the global performance and motorsports brand of Nissan. Its official launch in China will be marked with the release of the 370Z Nismo and the GT-R Nismo.

According to Palmer, Nissan is more than excited with the launch of Nismo in China. Given that NISMO continues to run one of the most premiere motorsports organizations in the world, it symbolizes the motorsports heritage of the brand when it comes to pursuing victory with a passion made possible through continuous enhancements in engineering.

Palmer continued by saying that in order to be able to get these results, NISMO will always be at the forefront of innovation, quality, safety, and technology, all of which will transcend on all of the brand's products. By being able to enter the Chinese market, he said, this marks as a significant milestone for NISMO. He added that NISMO will always stay on its aggressive journey and widen its presence from beyond the racetrack and be part of important markets worldwide.

Nissan revealed that for Auto China 2015, it will be bringing an exciting range of at least 20 models. This will include the unique BladeGlider Concept, which has a central seat driving position, and will go on up until the new X-Trail. Nissans exhibit will be on display at Hall W2 of the China International Exhibition Center beginning April 21 to April 29.

Auto China 2014 will also display a series of technologies that have all been developed using the Safety Shield approach. One of this is the brand's Smart Rear View Mirror technology, expected for a worldwide launch in 2015. Then there is the Autonomous Driving technology which has been revealed to be commercialized by the year 2020. These innovations are but part of the brand's Zero Fatality vision, the goal of having an automotive society that is safe not only for drivers and their passengers but also for non-motorists.

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Nissan today premiered the Lannia Concept, a global concept addressing the lifestyle of China's rising "Post-80s" generation. Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer also announced the official launch of the NISMO brand in China.

"Lannia Concept joins our growing family of China-focused models," said Palmer. "It was designed by Chinese, built by Chinese for the Chinese people, and ultimately, for the world." He recognized the heavy involvement of the local Chinese teams spanning from market research to design that led to the birth of the Lannia Concept. Its Chinese name, "蓝鸟・印象" ("lan niao, yin xiang") was also announced in honor of the legendary Nissan Bluebird, whose spirit is reborn.

Positioned as a "sedan theory-breaker," Lannia Concept is the result of strong collaboration between Nissan Design China in Beijing and the Nissan Global Design Center, and features an energetic, sleek and agile design that addresses the tastes and values of contemporary Chinese "Post-80s" trendsetters.

Palmer also revealed that NISMO, Nissan's global motorsports and performance brand, will make its official debut in China with the launch of GT-R Nismo and 370Z Nismo versions.

Palmer said, "We are very excited about the arrival of NISMO in China. Running one of the world's premiere motorsports organizations, NISMO embodies Nissan's motorsports heritage of passionately pursuing victory through continuous improvements in engineering. It goes without saying that to achieve such results, NISMO has been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of innovation, technology, safety and quality, which transcends across all Nissan products. Entering the Chinese market is an important milestone for NISMO as it continues its aggressive journey to expand its presence beyond the racetrack to key markets around the world."

Auto China 2014 also plays host to a series of technologies all developed under the Safety Shield approach. These include Nissan's Smart Rear View Mirror (SRVM) technology, set for global introduction in 2015, and Autonomous Driving technology, announced to be commercialized by 2020. Such innovations are part of Nissan's Zero Fatality vision; to realize an automotive society which is safe for all drivers, passengers and non-motorists on the road.

Nissan brings an exciting line-up of over 20 vehicles to Auto China 2014, ranging from the unique BladeGlider Concept, with its central seat driving position, to the all-new X-Trail – all which can be seen at Hall W2, China International Exhibition Center from 21 to 29 April.

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