Patent images of autonomous VW concept seen on the trademark office

Article by Christian A., on October 20, 2016

Most of you may have heard or already have one of those autonomous home appliances doing the house chores. Thus, it’s not anymore unusual to see a car going places without a driver. Only recently, a mysterious “sci-fi looking” prototype model was seen driving by itself all the way to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. We have no idea where it went first, but one of the members of the Volkswagen Vortex seems to know more.

Okay, so that means Volkswagen apparently owns the futuristic autonomous concept vehicle? Probably. And though we’ve seen a lot of interesting VW concepts in this year’s Paris Motor Show, the recent discovery is really something else. Here’s what we have to say;

Registered under Volkswagen at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (or EUIPO), the robotic car is said to bear the shape of a coupé. Quite a long coupé that is, the concept vehicle that was seen “driverless” is also very low and close to the ground. Everything here is highly futuristic where the rear spoiler might probably deploy on its own. The gullwing doors on the sides and the very extensive front and rear overhangs seem to come straight from a sci-fi film.

Or, you can just imagine Mercedes Benz’s IAA concept with more attention to aerodynamics. You ought to see the car’s mind-blowing air intakes at the rear to know exactly what we’re saying. Also, there seems to be no need for a pair of side mirrors since the car is designed to do the driving. The typical windshield has also gone missing. But seriously, we think they’ve done this to further enhance its Cd value just as the other German competing brand’s 0.19 coefficient of drag.

Just like most concept vehicles, the car is expected to run on a purely electric powertrain. What we don’t know yet is whether or not it would be showcased in one of the major car events next season. Not all EUIPO-registered vehicles go that far. Besides, Volkswagen only introduced its latest I.D. Concept in Paris. According to them, we have to wait until 2025 before we can get to experience their products bearing the fully autonomous driving feature.

Also, many would think this type of autonomous concept coupé is so “out-of-character” for a Volkswagen. But it’s only a matter of time until we can say that we have arrived to the future. Major car brands are seriously into this so it’s only fair if Volkswagen has actually been thinking of this all the while.

Some of us have already left the house chores to a robot. It’s only a matter of years until we can see these concept vehicles driving someone to the office. Ever since the automotive industry has been working non-stop on driverless cars, we think these things are getting a little bit closer to reality.

Source: Motor1 via VW Vortex

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