Confirmed: Bentley will offer plugin hybrids for every model

Article by Christian A., on January 18, 2017

Bentley once again confirmed its plans to push PHEV into their future lineups. As a matter of fact, the Bentayga SUV will be the first to have the plugin hybrid technology, which will also be using a V6 engine. Next on the line would be none other than the new generation Bentley Continental GT. And there’s more to come.

During a recent press interview with Automotive News, Wolfgang Duerheimer reiterated the fact that plugin hybrids no longer serve as “temporary bridge technology”. Instead, it now offers the best features of both cars with internal combustion engine as well as those of electric powered vehicles.

The CEO also considers the fact that the upcoming plugin variants would be their answer to the consumers who want to use their cars to go to places where gasoline and diesel engines would no longer be allowed.

At least in the near future. All the same, he believes that hybrids are also great for long distance traveling which is quite difficult to achieve with your conventional electric vehicle. At any rate, he also added how the combustion engine would do better especially for a vehicle to cover long trips or to make it from one place to another just like in the US.

Overall, it looks like we’ll be seeing more Bentleys with plugin technology real soon. Aside from the SUV and the GT, we also heard that Bentley would be making a plugin hybrid variant for the Mulsanne. In short, all Bentley models.

Speaking of hybrids, it seems like some of these luxury brands have been following each other’s footsteps. Aside from Bentley, other luxury automakers Audi, Lamborghini and Ferrari have set up their plans to go full hybrid in the next few years. There is Audi’s Q8 e-tron concept as well as Lamborghini’s SUV, the Urus, which is also a hybrid. And as for Ferrari, the company is already planning to sell as many as 10,000 full hybrid units by 2019.

Going back to Bentley, there are no details yet regarding the exact date of the launch but the Bentayga hybrid will probably come out in 2018. What’s more interesting is that the upcoming hybrid Continental GT would be using a V6 with ICE that could perform the same power output of a V8 model.

In connection to this, a test mule was reportedly seen recently and it could be the new Continental GT PHEV. If that’s the case, we guess we don’t have to wait for so long until Bentley announces its official launch date.

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