Bentley teams up with Linley to create a limited edition of 10 Continental Flying Spurs

Article by Christian A., on September 5, 2011

Bentley has teamed up with Linley, a British design company, to create a limited edition of 10 Continental Flying Spurs for China, which is the automaker’s largest four-door market. Several Linley elements will be used on this vehicle that will flaunt its lineage, its outstanding design, and its handcrafted quality. For the first time ever, the fascia, consol, waistrail and roof console will have specially chosen Linley veneers in Santos rosewood.

Instead of chestnut or walnut, all the wood surfaces of the model will be covered with veneers. According to Chairman David Linley, the two brands are both committed to “superlative craftsmanship and design.”

He said that this car is unique and reflects the passion that Bentley and Linley have to push the limits of engineering and excellence. The Linley Helix motif was borrowed from the unique Linley Helix Furniture Collection that features the highly specialized skill of marquetry inlay on the waist-rails and picnic table of the Flying Spurs.

The Helix pattern consists of four various types of veneer that are a contrast to the Santos rosewood to illustrate the wave effect that the marquetry delivers.

Furthermore, the rear console has been tweaked to achieve a customer-commissioned Linley humidor. Bentley’s senior designer Brett Boydell said that Linley designed a special box that drops into a distinctive console.

Boydell added that the console had been reconfigured in order to fit in the box. He considered it an “engineering feat” to be able to comply with the quality requirements of a Bentley as well as with Linley’s design cues.

Bentley’s Senior Designer Brett Boydell explains the very unique feature that goes along with the Custom Linley Humidor. He further supported this with how they redesigned everything so that the Customised Humidor will fit precisely at the console while leaving enough space to move around. The whole process is indeed very interesting considering that both Linley and Bentley come with their own high standards in terms of design and quality.

Linley’s Head of Design Mark Blanchard also said how the project is just as challenging and exciting to make since they have to adhere to Bentley’s highly impeccable criteria. But at least, they were able to demonstrate Linley’s craftsmanship into the car’s interiors.

Along with these, they came up with Santos Rosewood for the material. The grain veneer is different from what Bentley has been using all the time. It makes the design around the curves more flexible and that’s why the interior turned out so impressive.

Linley’s rhodium-plated glove box as well as the stainless steel tread plates is exclusively designed for Bentley. The stainless steel panel on the passenger area incorporates the Linley logo as well.

Bentley’s luxury leather seats in Burnt Oak colour have corrugated style and stitching to match the extra storage and pockets at the door made with the same material for the hide.

Moreover, an elegant cashmere blanket is packed inside Linley’s fine leather bag at the luggage compartment along with complementary leather luggage tag for the Flying Spurs edition. Blanchard and Boydell ensured that the interior design met Bentley’s automotive design as well. This is very evident on the Helix pattern’s intricate marquetry. Amazingly enough, both Linley and Bentley were also able to deliver British heritage to the consumers in one product design.

Press Release


Bentley is delighted to announce the launch of a unique collaboration with British design company Linley for a limited edition of 10 Continental Flying Spurs.

The limited edition CFS models will be sold in China, reflecting continuing demand by Bentley's biggest four-door market. They incorporate signature Linley elements designed to appeal to customers who value pedigree and lineage, handcrafted quality and peerless design.

Christine Gaskell, member of the board for personnel, Bentley Motors, commented at the launch at Jack Barclay, Bentley dealer, in London's Berkeley Square: "Our collaboration with Linley brings a new element to the interior of one of our globally best-selling models. The Continental Flying Spur has a unique executive style and elegance which is complemented wonderfully by the Linley veneers. We share an expertise in the use of natural materials and a commitment to superlative craftsmanship."

Specially selected Linley veneers in Santos rosewood have been applied to the fascia, console, waistrail and roof console and integrated within the cars for the first time. The veneers cover the entire wood surfaces of the model, where Bentley chestnut or walnut would normally be used.

David Linley, Chairman of Linley, comments: "It is a great honour to be working alongside such an esteemed British brand as Bentley. Our two brands share a commitment to superlative craftsmanship and design. I believe that the culmination of our efforts has resulted in a car that is utterly unique and reflective of the passion that both brands share for pushing boundaries of engineering and excellence."

The iconic Linley Helix motif has been taken from the distinctive Linley Helix Furniture Collection and has been set, using the highly specialised skill of marquetry inlay, into the waist-rails and picnic table of the Flying Spurs. The Helix pattern is made up of four different types of veneer which contrast with the Santos rosewood to show the wave effect delivered by the marquetry.

In addition, the rear console has been modified for a customer-commissioned Linley humidor.

Brett Boydell, senior designer at Bentley, says: "The humidor has been designed by Linley and it drops into a unique console. We have reconfigured the console so that the humidor can fit in, moving things around and creating a space. It was an engineering feat to meet the quality requirements of a Bentley and the design cues of Linley."

The project has been worked on by Mark Blanchard, Head of Design at Linley, who comments: "It has been an exciting and challenging project to work on. We designed the interior within the stringent constraints specified by Bentley, however we ensured the car exemplified Linley craftsmanship.

"The car had to look different and we wanted a strong statement inside the interior, so we chose Santos rosewood, a straight grain veneer. Bentley usually uses burr veneers for their interiors as they are more malleable around compound curves. Using a straight grain veneer was a new challenge but together we succeeded and the final results look stunning."

Stainless steel Linley treadplates also feature on the cars, as does a Linley for Bentley rhodium-plated plaque in the glove box. There is also a stainless steel overlay of the Linley logo on the passenger fascia panel. Modified fluting on the seats features burnt oak contrast stitching, with additional burnt oak hide accentuating the storage areas and door pockets.

A Linley branded leather bag with a sumptuous cashmere blanket and other Linley items such as a leather luggage tag is also included in the boot of the limited edition Flying Spurs.

In working with Blanchard, Boydell ensured that all Bentley automotive quality processes were integrated with the design work.

There were several design challenges, says Boydell. "For instance, the marquetry of the Helix pattern had to be combined with the manufacturing standards and processes which we adhere to in the automotive industry.

"The collaboration is a ringing endorsement of two great British brands working closely together. We have achieved a very high-class product which has the recognisable signs of Linley entwined into a Bentley. We are offering customers the chance to own a highly customised piece of British heritage.

"I hope the collaboration will be a springboard for future projects."

Key features of the Linley for Bentley limited edition Continental Flying Spur

- The distinctive marquetry inlaid Helix motif runs throughout the interior.
- Linley-designed box in the rear console - the humidor contains a humidification system, cigar cutter and ashtray.
- In-built fridge set behind the arm rest and rear console, with specially designed space for bottle storage.
- The picnic tables have a pop-up vanity mirror concealed within them, which is a standard option on the CFS.

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