BMW 5 Series Cross Touring render revealed! Could this idea work in the US?

Article by Christian A., on May 19, 2017

Only recently, it was rumoured that BMW has been putting their time and energy into venturing and coming up with brand new niches to launch into the global automotive markets. Lately, we have observed that almost everything has been dished out from the German automaker including the Gran Tourers, Active Tourers and Gran Coupes, however they haven't released vehicles that can go head to head against the Audi Allroad or the Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain. Audi has been releasing Allroad units that are largely influenced by the A6 Avant models ever since '99.

It was reported that back at the BMW HQ, there are new things occurring, but they are apparently planning to target Tesla and the prime market. The 3 Series GT replacement is rumoured to be an electric car, and the 6er is reviving the 8 series trademark but with a consequential price increase. So it’s predicted that the 5 Series will not come at par with the classic A6 Allroad idea.

Now, Sports utility vehicles are creating lots of buzz in the automotive industry. This is why some automakers resorted to tricking their potential customers with high-riding wagons including the Volvo V90 Cross Country and Mercedes-Benz Benz E-Class All Terrain. Now the problem is that wagons are now slowly losing their appeal with the American consumers.

That's why the German automaker is covering more and more new niches to hopefully tackle this concern. Maybe a crossover version of the new BMW 5-Series will rekindle the American spirits, and could pave the way of bringing back the estate to North America. Graphic designers at X-Tomi designs wasted no time and came up with their version on what the G31 5 Series Touring will resemble, in what they baptised as the G31 Series Touring. The said vehicle obtains a jacked-up suspension and plastic covering found all around, beefier wheels, a modified bumper and extra aluminium trimmings.

This is not the first time that X-Tomi has rendered an iconic vehicle as it has also previously released an impressive render of the 2018 Dodge Demon with a twist. They came up with a convertible variant of the Demon. And the outcome was impressive as hell, with the convertible version sporting an enormous hood scoop, extra slim tires in the front, the extensive drag radials in the back. Also worth the mention are its flared fenders.

Moreover, the German automaker is set to release the 2017 5-Series Touring all around the globe probably this summer. The 2017 Touring will sport a modern design and a bigger cabin and it will be bringing along its latest tech bits from its 4-door brother. Europeans can opt between 2 petrol engines and 3 diesels around the coming car's launch that includes the M550d xDrive. The outputs range from 187 hp to 395 hp.

Source: XTomi Design

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