BMW working on the 6-Series GT, the replacement for 5-Series GT

Article by Christian A., on December 27, 2016

While those at BMW don’t admit it, the BMW 5 Series GT has been regarded by many as an ugly piece of mobile machine that is full of premium features. BMW 5 Series GT could be an attempt by BMW to please as many customers as it could, but in the end, it was only able to please a few. While the 5 Series has been the best-sellers among BMW offerings, sales of its Grand Tourer version have been disappointing.

The unfortunate looks of the BMW 5 Series GT could be the main reason why the German premium carmaker is transforming it as the 6 Series GT. In fact, a camouflaged prototype was recently spotted being tested with an M Package, confirming its sporty styling.

Many have been considering the 5 Series GT as BMW’s version of the Pontiac Aztek, which is regarded as one of the greatest failed models in the recent history of automobiles. The unattractiveness of the 5 Series GT could be attributed to the fact that it is ill-shaped and bulky, especially its rear. Though the 5 Series GT also has positive attributes. No one will argue that it is well made, built with high quality materials, and fitted with numerous advanced technologies from BMW.

Thankfully, BMW has been listening to the constant and continuous complaints about the appearance of the BMW 5 Series GT. Not only is BMW changing its name; the premium carmaker is also pushing for a total overhaul of its design. While both the 5 Series and the 6 Series are practically twins in terms of size and segment (mid-size), they differ in body styles, stance and sportiness.

In short, 6 Series vehicles are sportier, wider and lower than their 5 Series siblings. What does this mean? By changing the name of the 5 Series GT into the 6 Series GT, BMW is taking efforts to make the Grand Tourer drop its ugly image, making it sportier and sleeker.

The new 6 Series GT features a roofline that is more sloped rearwards than the 5 Series GT, which should solve its ugly rear-end. Of course, being promoted to the 6 Series means that the Grand Tourer would be more luxurious and more expensive. Of course, as a Grand Tourer, the 6 Series GT offers the extra practicality and roominess thanks to its rear hatch.

The new 6 Series GT is expected to feature the same engines, the same transmissions and the same wheel drive systems as those offered in the 5 Series family. These engines include inline-six 3.0-liter engines and a biturbo 4.4-liter V8 powerplant. BMW may also offer plug-in hybrid versions of the new 6 Series GT. It will be underpinned by BMW’s new CLAR platform that currently underpins the newest 5 Series and 7 Series. This CLAR platform is made from several lightweight materials, allowing the new 6 Series GT to be lighter than its predecessor.

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