BMW 9-Series could really happen

Article by Christian A., on January 21, 2015

Whether BMW will offer a sedan positioned just above the flagship 7 series will be known later this year, according to BMW Blog. BMW provided a glimpse of a range-topping luxury sedan at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show in the persona of the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept. At the time, however, BMW has no commitment to producing any model beyond the 7 series.

A number of sources privy with the carmaker, however, said that the concept previewed a viable long-term vision for the expansion of the brand. The decision could be made once Harald Krueger takes seat as BMW’s new chief executive this year, as he is rumored to be receptive to the concept of a new range-topping sedan.

Should BMW follow its naming convention, the new car could be badged as a 9 series, competing directly against the newly launched Mercedes-Maybach S600 sedan.

The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept had quite a reception during the Beijing auto show, BMW executives are expected to see first how the public imitially receives the Mercedes-Maybach S600 before signaling a green light for a new flagship.

In the 1990s, BMW offered 7 series-based L7 personal luxury limousine positioned above the Mercedes-Benz S class. At the time, the L7 was pitted against the personal limousines underpinned by the W140 S-class platform. BMW stopped production of the L7 after launching the E65-generation 7 series in 2001. [source:]

BMW Vision Future Luxury

The new BMW Vision Future Luxury embodies the brand’s long-term vision for modern luxury. It also embodies a forward-looking marriage between exclusivity and innovation, delivering an emotional and exclusive driving experience. These are all communicated through a superior design – both exterior and interior – of the BMW Vision Future Luxury, as reinforced by its lightweight engineering concept, groundbreaking technology, a seamlessly integrated user interface as well as driving experience that benefits all of its occupants.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, quipped that innovative technology and modern luxury have always been considered as important part of the brand DNA. He remarked that BMW employs visionary concept vehicles -- like the BMW Vision Future Luxury -- to demonstrate the possible direction of the brand in the feature, while providing the carmaker with new inspiration and motivation. He added that the BMW Vision Future Luxury takes the carmaker’s thinking on modern luxury a whole new step forward.

Karim Habib, Head of BMW Design, described the design approach to the BMW Vision Future Luxury as one that employs innovative technologies to serve as a messenger of the brand’s philosophy of modern luxury. He added that these innovations offer a new, multifaceted luxury experience that is made possible by intelligent lightweight engineering, groundbreaking interior design as well as a radically new user interface design.

The interior of the new BMW Vision Future Luxury conveys this approach, with the design expressing both form and function of the innovations. For instance, the vehicle’s intelligent lightweight engineering concept is communicated through the design principle of subtractive modeling, in which the specific geometry and functions of a single component are derived from one and the same layered composite structure that is comprised of several levels and materials. The initial layer of fine carbon fabric is topped by a functional level featuring user interface components, control and display interfaces and lighting functions. Then these functions are layered on top by a structural, load-bearing layer of aluminum to deliver more strength. The top layers, meanwhile, comprise wood and leather to deliver a warm and comfortable ambience.

In certain interior area, this multi-layer structure is "milled down" to the appropriate depth according to the required surface material and their function. Total weight is lowered as the resulting interior is reduced down to essentials. Moreover, this treatment allows virtually seamless transitions and elegant, fluid surfaces.

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