BMW announces Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Article by Christian A., on August 15, 2011

BMW remains to have a competitive advantage over its rivals by fully utilizing its knowledge and introducing new and exclusive technologies and features to its customers. One of this is known as the BMW ConnectedDrive which is both a feature and a service that allows the driver and the vehicle to be part of an intelligent network. With this feature, customers will not only be able to experience unmatched comfort but will also get to enjoy the infotainment systems, and all inside a safe cabin even when on a trip.

In line with the BMW ConnectedDrive system, BMW is including a wide array of functions and features, the first in the industry. Still on the BMW ConnectedDrive, it will come with the BMW Online and BMW Assist. For those who decide to subscribe to these two latter features, they will also come with the state-of-the-art BMW Routes Portal. With this feature, the driver can use Real-Time Traffic Information, or RRTI, in order to get up-to-date traffic report. In the past, this service could only be availed while inside the vehicle but this time it is possible to get access through a Web portal using any device with internet capability.

Specifically, customers can access the BMW Routes Portal through for those in Germany while a more internationally accessible website is available at That the RTTI can be accessed online even while outside the vehicle is possible through the My BMW Remote App. This application is expected to be available for download to smartphones starting in the autumn of 2011. Aside from ensuring safety and delivering comfort, it also gives peace of mind to every occupant in the vehicle. With the ConnectedDrive, BMW customers can plan their next trip easily by going online and entering their destination. The ConnectedDrive system can also retrieve traffic information regarding the flow and any incidents. Thus aside from being able to outline the criteria for the route, the driver can even ask the system for any alternative routes.

This route planner can even give the driver the calculated arrival time to the destination based on the present situation of the traffic. If an itinerary had already been planned and the situation changes or gets worse, the route planner immediately sends an e-mail to the driver well in advance and even recommends a new departure time, possibly one that is earlier. The driver thus can continue whatever he or she is doing without any worry of when to leave as everything will be calculated by the route planner. It not only saves time but lowers stress as well. The system is able to do this mainly because of the RTTI. It offers a precise and reliable solution since the traffic information is conveyed in real time and thus travel routes are planned in advance making sure to avoid any unfavorable situations or congested locations.

What this program does is to get local traffic data by anonymously tracking the movement of mobile devices through a dynamic network. This results in having a better summary of the present traffic condition as it can detect how many vehicles are currently on the road and what their positions are. It could even determine their speed. The biggest benefit of this method is the speed and accuracy the data are being transmitted especially when compared to traffic reports heard through the radio.

Making RTTI even more precise is the fact that it is able to get real-time data from fleet vehicles or taxis whose navigation systems depend on connecting with central dispatchers. This enhances even further the accuracy and speed of the information that the system needs to process. Coverage is not limit to expressways or motorways as the RTTI also includes inter-city connections, city streets, and secondary roads. Customers subscribed to the ConnectedDrive can get the data from the BMW Routes Portal via their office or home. That information is the same as the one in the vehicle. The route that is optimized by the RTTI can be transmitted to the vehicle through a USB stick, aside from the BMW Online feature.

Press Release

BMW ConnectedDrive: Real-Time Traffic Information now also available on the Internet with BMW Routes

BMW ConnectedDrive offers innovative services and features for establishing intelligent networks between the driver, the vehicle and the world at large, enabling BMW customers to enjoy unparalleled comfort, Infotainment and safety while on the road. BMW was the first manufacturer worldwide to introduce the wide range of unique features and functions that are available with BMW ConnectedDrive. The company continues to lead the competition by leveraging its pioneering know-how to launch exclusive new features and technologies for BMW owners. The latest innovation is an enhancement for users of the BMW Routes Portal: Customers who have subscribed to the BMW Assist and BMW Online features offered in BMW ConnectedDrive now have access to the latest traffic reports via Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) from the Web portal with any Internet-enabled device. Previously users could only access this service while in the vehicle.

RTTI is a reliable and precise solution that transmits traffic information in real time for planning travel routes and avoiding congested areas or unfavourable conditions in advance. The programme uses local traffic data and tracks the anonymous movement profiles of mobile communication devices in dynamic networks, thus creating a precise overview of the current traffic situation by determining the number, speed and positions of vehicles currently on the road. The advantage of this approach is in the speed and accuracy of the data transmission when compared to traffic reports broadcast by radio. What's more, RTTI is able to monitor real-time data from taxis or fleet vehicles having navigation systems that communicate with central dispatchers – this adds to the speed and accuracy of information that points to traffic problems. In addition to motorways and expressways, RTTI also covers secondary roads, city streets and interurban connections.

The online usage of RTTI in the BMW Routes Portal is available on the Internet at or internationally at and contributes to comfort, safety and peace of mind when travelling by car. BMW ConnectedDrive customers can enter their destination online at anytime and easily plan their next route. They can also access traffic information about incidents or traffic flow, in addition to defining route criteria and requesting alternative routes from the system. Based on the current traffic situation, the route planner can also calculate the exact time of arrival. And if traffic conditions should change or worsen once a route has been planned, the route planner can send the driver an e-mail well in advance and suggest an earlier departure time. This allows the driver to continue working at the office or take part in a meeting without worrying about when to get behind the wheel – the route planner will indicate the precise time to leave for the next appointment. That saves time and
reduces stress.

All BMW ConnectedDrive subscribers can also be sure that the data they receive online from the BMW Routes Portal at home or in the office matches the information transmitted to their car – 100 percent. What's more, the transmission of RTTI-optimized route data directly to the vehicle can take place via USB stick or BMW Online.

The online usage of RTTI beyond the confines of the vehicle environment will also be possible with the My BMW Remote App on supported smartphones beginning in the autumn of 2011.

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