A glimpse into the latest BMW Connected Window

Article by Christian A., on January 17, 2017

Whether or not you’re a tech addict, you realize that the digital revolution is now moving at high speed. Before you know it, there’s already a new one on the loop. Last year’s CES has just brought us BMW’s “Connected” software and “Open Mobility Cloud”. And now, BMW welcomes 2017 with a new and better offer.

The German brand will demonstrate its latest “Connected Window” system at the ongoing CES 2017 in Las Vegas. In line with BMW’s “Open Mobility Cloud” and “Connected” app, BMW’s “Connected Window” lets you retrieve information whether at home, from the car or essentially anywhere with your mobile device.

BMW’s newest technology is set to bring more convenience to the user’s digital lifestyle. By sending information to the vehicle at the comfort of your home, there’s no need to hop into your car every time just to input an address at the navigation system.

The “Window” is basically a big screen that shows everything you need to know (in a much larger scale). Simply put, it’s like giving its users an instant “connection” from home to their car or vice versa. The large screen display is also integrated with gesture controls should you want to interact with the “Window” display or send information through the “Open Mobility Cloud” platform.

Since BMW’s “Connected Window” works alongside the brand’s “Connected” software app, you won’t miss any text messages, notes, appointments as well as the latest traffic and navigation update. In other words, you don’t need to worry about being late for work, a lunch meeting or an important dinner.

Of course, BMW Connected app (or other apps) can do just the same. Nonetheless, BMW owners will find it more convenient as the system receives information on simultaneous devices. That means you can plan ahead and keep things organized whether on the road, on mobile phone or even when you just got out of bed.

From home, the system’s live traffic feed already helps in calculating your route. You will then receive notification on the perfect time to leave. This must be the reason why they came up with a new product and aptly called it “Window”. It’s like peeking through the window of the world without leaving your own place.

From our point of view, the “Connected Window” is integrated technology at its finest. The only downside perhaps is having to deal with privacy concerns. When you have an app that knows your schedule, next trip and whereabouts, that means you’ll also have to entrust your data and all other personal information. On the brighter side, this may not be a problem for those who think that with the pace of technology, it is inevitable.

Press Release

The BMW Connected Window

Looking out into individual experiences of mobility.

BMW Connected and the Open Mobility Cloud turn personal mobility planning into a seamlessly integrated element of a user’s digital lifestyle. At CES 2017, BMW is demonstrating the vast capability of this all-encompassing digital concept with an idea for an innovative user interface for the home of the future. The BMW Connected Window is designed to be one such digital touchpoint and highlights the tremendous potential of connectivity. The BMW Connected Window shows the view outside as well as visualising the user’s current mobility schedule and a wide variety of other content, such as weather forecasts and appointments. This novel concept from BMW is intended to illustrate the vast range of possibilities for seamlessly integrating BMW Connected into a user’s various touchpoints outside the vehicle via the Open Mobility Cloud.

Planning appointments and incorporating them into a user’s personal mobility agenda, sharing information and selecting infotainment features can all be organised centrally via BMW Connected. Various fully interconnected touchpoints can be used to access the relevant data: the BMW’s operating system while driving and the user’s smartphone, smartwatch or tablet anytime and anywhere. BMW Connected can also be used in conjunction with the intelligently connected Amazon Echo device with built-in digital voice assistant. With its vision of the BMW Connected Window, BMW is showing just how diverse the possibilities for intelligent connectivity between digital touchpoints already are and highlighting the potential for the future.

The BMW Connected Window vision brings the versatile functionality of BMW Connected into the home. In the scenario played out at CES 2017, the potential uses are illustrated over the course of a typical daily routine. A message on the Window greets the user as they start a new day. Their upcoming appointments are shown in one part of the display based on the information supplied via the Open Mobility Cloud. At the same time, the screen’s background adapts to the user’s current situation by showing associated images.

The connectivity concept means that the entire spectrum of digital services can be used – and combined with the unrivalled display capabilities of a big screen. The mobility agenda is depicted as a vertical timeline on the right-hand edge of the screen, with the relevant data delivered to the Window via BMW Connected, for example. The display is enlarged when the user makes a certain gesture in the screen’s direction, revealing more details about the appointments listed in the timeline. If a note has been made of an arranged meeting point, BMW Connected plans the route, which is permanently updated in response to real-time traffic information and can be viewed on the display in the form of a large-scale map rendered in photo-realistic quality. The calculated route will then also be available in the vehicle, its navigation system starting automatically when the user gets in.

The user’s smartphone is connected to BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud in the same way as their car and the BMW Connected Window. This allows a text message received on a smartphone to be called up on the big-screen display, too. Any information contained in this message relating to venues, appointments or contacts can be quickly and easily transferred to the user’s mobility agenda. A few finger gestures are all it takes to enter the name of the venue or the time of a new meeting, for example. Besides this, delivery services can also be proposed or restaurants selected and contacted, based on the user’s personal preferences. The user can also summon up suitable shopping locations on the way to work, for instance, or favourite places to buy a coffee- to-go – and add them to their mobility agenda with a quick point of the finger. All updates and amendments to the personal mobility agenda are taken into account when calculating journey routes and determining the ideal time to set off. As a result, the mobility agenda is always kept up to date and helps drivers to reach their destinations with ease.

BMW Connected is also capable of recognising personal mobility patterns. In the future, this will make it possible for regular activities to be factored in when compiling the day’s mobility agenda. BMW Connected will find a suitable time slot for sports activities, for example, or for attending an event that has been visited several times in the past. The update to the mobility agenda proposed as a result will then be displayed on all touchpoints connected to the

Open Mobility Cloud, in both the car and home, from where they can be added to the personal timeline with a few simple steps.

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