New BMW M4 CS is spotted in a commercial shoot with Augusto Farfus in California

Article by Christian A., on February 18, 2017

Will there be a BMW M4 CS? Apparently, there is a Club Sport version of the BMWM4 after it was sighted in California doing a shoot for a new commercial ad, courtesy of a member of the Bimmer Post forum.

People may be wondering if this is the same vehicle that was unveiled nearly a year ago in Spain. No, it isn’t. Yes, BMW did unfurl a BMW M4 CS in Spain but it wasn’t what we expected. As members of the Bimmer Post forum pointed out, the Spanish BMW M4 CS was only a project of BMW Spain, and it was not created by BMW M GmbH. The guys from the forum also noted that Spanish BMW M4 CS was basically a BMW M4 with the Competition Package (M4 CP) with a massive carbon fiber wing on the rear. Sorry to burst your M4 CS bubbles.

As far as we know, BMW only produced only 803 units of the M4 GTS, which is considered as its meanest and fastest sports car. Essentially a power-up evolution of the M4 coupe, the BMW M4 GTS is one of BMW’s most track-ready cars, thanks to the M technologies applied on its powertrain, chassis and lightweight construction. Sporting an iconic CS moniker, the M4 CS is basically a toned down and “civilized” version of the GTS, serving as a middle child between the standard M4 and the M4 GTS. This is basically why the M4 CS should possess a number of features and elements from the M4 GTS. However, as a civilized version, the M4 CS won’t be as powerful and as extreme as the M4 GTS.

In January 2017, a lightly camouflaged test mule of an M4 was seen being winter-tested in Sweden. This definitely isn’t the M4 GTS, since BMW has already ended its production. But the thing is, this camouflaged test mule dons a number of features from the M4 GTS, including its bonnet. This test mule also features a number of cosmetic tweaks from the recent Life Cycle Impulse -- ergo facelift – of the BMW 4 Series. The M4 CS dice didn’t stop from rolling as recently, an M4 CS – looking pretty much the same as the camouflaged test mule spotted in Sweden – was seen doing a commercial shoot in California with BMW’s factory DTM driver Augusto Farfus Jr.

Quite a number of stylistic elements indicate that this is really the notorious BMW M4 CS, as noted by several members of the Bimmer Post forum. It features a new carbon lip similar to the M4 GTS, albeit not as extreme. It also features a carbon diffuser and titanium exhaust quite similar to that of the M4 GTS. Most of all, it features the carbon fiber hood from the M4 GTS. In addition, the M4 GTS spotted in California comes with M Performance carbon gurney flap and wears M Performance wheels in BBS FI-R Style, as shown at the most recent SEMA Show. Unlike the M4 GTS, this M4 CS doesn’t have the massive rear wing and front splitter.


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