BMW’s CS trademark applications raise speculations! M4 CS, M8 CS on their way?

Article by Christian A., on November 28, 2016

It was in May of this year when BMW unveiled that the M4 Competition Sport during the 2016 Madrid International Auto Show. Through this model, the brand hoped to showcase a M4 variant that was geared for running in the tracks. Thus while weight was lowered, the power was increased, and with it came some improvements on the aerodynamics.

Many car enthusiasts are claiming that there is a possibility that in the near future, BMW will put enhancements as well on the other models. Proof of this is the revelation that the brand has filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization trademarks for the M1 CS and up to M8 CS. As such, it means that the likelihood of the CS name making a comeback is possible considering that it was seen last on certain hardcore models like the M3.

However for those familiar with the world of intellectual property, a company that files for a trademark does not necessarily mean that it will be coming out with an actual product. It can be seen as a way to prevent other companies from using that particular name. Under the context of BMW, CS has long been associated with Coupe Sport though it is just as possible that it can mean Club Sport.

Even then, this did not stop many BMW fans from being excited about the different possibilities. Take for instance, the idea of protecting the M8 CS name. For the fans, they hope that this would mean that the brand is looking into the possibility of having the 8 Series return. The M8 itself was a model that could not make it to the production stage with the ten-year life cycle which was from 1989 to 1999. BMW was not able to move the M8 from prototype to production value as the brand believed that the market for such a model was not suitable.

Fans are also hoping that with the filing, BMW may also be considering having the 1 Series undergo the M treatment with the CS version that is track-oriented to be presented after that. The problem though is with the 1 Series poised to make a change and use a front-wheel-drive configuration, having an M model with that set-up is unlikely. Still, with the brand offering a minivan that utilizes a front-wheel-drive while offering an M Sport Package, there is a glimmer of hope for many.

Still, should BMW push through with making production versions of the trademarked names, it means that not only the M3 but also the M4 will get the CS treatment. Having an M4 CS would be a good step forward. Already the brand has presented the redesigned M4 Coupe, albeit a prototype. But with a few improvements, it could turn into a good CS variant.

Source: AutoGuide

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