BMW DesignworksUSA introduces Intermarine 55 luxury yacht

Article by Christian A., on January 11, 2011

Brazilian yacht maker Intermarine is offering an ultra luxury yacht dubbed Intermarine 55 that was produced in collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA. The Intermarine 55 has a price tag of $2.2 million and is set to go on sale this July.

This yacht was inspired by modern architecture and automotive surfacing, such as the BMW X6. It measures 57-foot long and will be offered in two engine options that include 2×670hp endurance (with a cruising range of 350 nautical miles and a top speed of 31 knots) and a 2×800hp power option (with a 300 nautical miles range and a top speed of 35 knots).

The new yacht features two head compartments, a master suite with a queen-sized bed and an enclosed shower. Instead of circular portholes, Intermarine 55 uses large trapezoids that let in more light and excellent ocean views. Intermarine 55 has three cabins and two head compartments, including a master suite.

Its galley is surrounded by windows and it also features a main salon, near a dining table, with a fridge, stove and microwave as standard equipment. Right beside the U-shaped sofa is a cooler, some cabinets and a dining area (with sink, barbecue and counter space).

In addition, there is a large solarium at the shaped top deck right in front of the upper helm station. The yacht also features a couch and a dining table, a small sofa and storage with an extra sink, barbecue and refrigerator.

When it comes to the boat’s exterior, DesignworksUSA tried its best to offer an innovative design which is reflected in its powerful, refined and elegant lines. The big windows have an atypical shape while at the same time providing an unobstructed view of the sea.

The hull side windows are also unusually shaped, so you won’t see any oval or circular porthole commonly used in designing boats. Instead, Intermarine 55’s portholes are an integrated part of the big windows and are shaped like a trapezoid, which enables the interior to be well lit and visible.

Aside from that, they definitely add to the charm and beauty of the new boat. Actually, the lines in the hull are a familiar sight in the automotive industry but they’ve been successfully adapted in the nautical world. There are other details notable on Intermarine 55 that also come from the automotive world, such as the stainless steel air intakes.

The bow is at a precisely defined angle and brings a powerful presence to the boat, making it really original. When it comes to the interior of Intermarine 55, its objective is to offer maximum space and openness. The inspiration was based on modern architecture so its interior is rich with natural light and the reflexions of light, which makes the environment comfortable and warm.

Large windows are prominent in the cabins, salon and bathrooms, all of them offering a clear view of the sea. The doors of the salon are ideally integrated with the stern region. This is accomplished through three door panels. The weather in places such as Brazil makes open transitions ideal, permitting optimal time on the deck.

Press Release

The Intermarine 55 Luxury Yacht Sets Sail in Summer 2011 as BMW Group DesignworksUSA Continues its Creative Collaborations with Leading Brazilian Firms

BMW Group DesignworksUSA has collaborated with Intermarine, Brazil's leading shipyard for luxury yachts, to create the elegant, powerful and refined Intermarine 55. Setting sail in July 2011, the Intermarine 55 is the first in a new era yachts for Intermarine, and the latest among DesignworksUSA's growing portfolio of clients to hail from Brazil, an emerging capital of design and industry.

Today Brazil is the world's 8th largest industrial nation, and many of its leading companies are selecting DesignworksUSA to create products that resonate both with consumers in the region, and with increasing importance, consumers in export markets across the word. In addition to Intermarine, DesignworksUSA's Brazilian-based clients also include Embraer, which is based in Sao Jose do Campos and is the third largest aviation producer in the world; Schioppa, the leader in medical casters, which is based in Sao Paulo; and Pado, the brass and aluminum provider, which is also based in Sao Paulo.

More broadly, DesignworksUSA is finding opportunities for great design throughout South America, and is presently collaborating with Venezuela-based Siragon, the manufacturer and assembler of computer hardware and other technology products including digital cameras, peripherals and plasma television screens.

This proven track record of successfully driving innovation for premium brands in South America was among the many factors that drew Intermarine to select the consultancy. DesignworksUSA's thorough experience with a broad range of clients at each tier of the yacht market was another. While Intermarine resides at the upper segment of the luxury yacht market, DesignworksUSA also creates for Germany's Bavaria Yachts, a manufacturer of entry-level yachts. Further, together with its client HF Interiors, DesignworksUSA creates bespoke, one-of-a-kind environments for ultra exclusive mega-yachts.

"BMW Group DesignworksUSA deeply understood our clients' needs and created a really innovative and distinctive design for the new Intermarine 55. The yacht is not only modern and beautiful but its solutions will definitely raise the bar in the category," said Allysson Yamamoto, Intermarine marketing manager.

"Intermarine is a famous connoisseur brand with a rich history, and to evolve its design forward with the Intermarine 55 is an honor," says Laurenz Schaffer, President of BMW Group DesignworksUSA. "We're eager to share the Intermarine 55 with the world when examples begin setting sail later this year, and likewise to continuing the evolution of this design story with the unveling of upcoming yachts for Intermarine," continued Schaffer.

Design Details: The Intermarine 55

Measuring 57 feet in total length, the Intermarine 55 is a very luxurious boat, not only because of the exclusivity of the design, but also because of the balance of spaces. It was conceptualized to provide harmony for day and night use, and has an excellent internal arrangement including a salon, galley, three cabins and two bathrooms. It comfortably seats six people and one sailor.

The team at DesignworksUSA created an innovative design for the exterior of the boat, translated in powerful, elegant and refined lines. The large windows have a unique and dynamic shape while offering an open view to the sea. Another remarkable innovation is the shape of all the hull side windows. There is no circular or oval porthole as traditionally used in boats. The portholes of the Intermarine 55 are integrated into the large trapezoid shaped windows, which enable more luminosity and visibility in the interiors, besides bringing outstanding beauty and character to the new model. The feature lines in the hull that define the unique personality of the boat are forms known in the automotive industry that now reach the nautical world. Similarly inspired by automotive are details like the the impressive air intakes in stainless steel. The bow characterized by a well defined angle, brings a strong presence to the boat, uniquly identifying Intermarine.

The internal areas of the Intermarine 55 were conceived from the theme "open horizons", providing maximum openness and space. Inspired by modern architecture, the spaces are full of natural light and light reflexions, creating a warm and comfortable environment. The big windows in the salon, cabins and even in the bathrooms allow an open view to the sea. The salon door offers perfect integration with the stern area thanks to its wide opening via three door panels. Since Brazil's climate allows for optimal time on deck, the design included open transitions for increased functionality.

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