BMW Group DesignworksUSA launches the Intermarine 55 Luxury Yacht

Article by Christian A., on March 28, 2011

BMW Group DesignworksUSA is launching the Intermarine 55 luxury yacht this summer. Developed with yacht builder Intermarine, this 57-feet-long yacht was introduced earlier this year. The 55, which can carry six people and a sailor, is available with a choice of two power trains to match the speed requirements of potential owners.

The first power train features 2, 670 hp endurance engines, while the second has a couple of 800 hp power units.

The first power train’s cruising range stands at 350 nautical miles, while the top speed is rated 31 knots. Meanwhile, the more potent combination offers 300 nautical miles range and a top speed of 35 knots. This yacht comes with two head compartments, a master suite, three cabins, a galley and two bathrooms for $2.2 million.

The yacht will go on sale this July. Laurenz Schaffer, BMW Group DesignworksUSA president, said that partnering with Intermarine to develop this yacht is an “honor.” Schaffer added that the evolution of this design will be seen in the unveiling of future yachts for Intermarine.

Intermarine 55, measuring 57 ft. long, is a highly luxurious boat owing to its exclusive design and well-balanced spaces. It was conceptualized to provide a harmonious drive for occupants when used during day or night and comes with a first-rate internal arrangement consisting of three cabins, two bathrooms, a salon and galley. It has comfortable seats to accommodate one sailor and 6 passengers.

DesignworksUSA team created a ground-breaking design for the boat’s exterior, which emphasizes its strong, graceful and sophisticated lines. It has large windows that have a unique, dynamic shape, offering a clear view of the sea. The shape of the hull side windows is another innovation worth mentioning. Traditionally, the porthole used in boats is neither oval nor circular in shape.

The Intermarine 55’s portholes are incorporated into the large windows with a trapezoid shape that delivers more visibility and luminosity in the interiors in addition to giving exceptional beauty and character to the new model. The lines in the hull that define the distinctive character of the boat are features known to the automotive industry and now, have reached the nautical world.

Details such as the impressive stainless steel air intakes are inspired by automotives. The bow, with its well-defined angle, gives the boat a strong presence, uniquely identifying the Intermarine.

The inner areas of the Intermarine 55 were based on the theme “open horizons”, offering maximum space. The spaces are inspired by modern architecture, filled with natural light and its reflection, generating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The cabins, salon and bathrooms have large windows that provide a better view of the sea.

The salon door is perfectly integrated with the stern area through three door panels that feature a wide opening. Since the climate of Brazil makes for an amazing time on deck, the boat was designed with open transitions for better functionality.

Press Release

The Intermarine 55 Luxury Yacht Sets Sail in Summer 2011 as BMW Group DesignworksUSA Continues its Creative Collaborations with Leading Brazilian Firms

Setting sail in July 2011, the Intermarine 55 is the first in a new era yachts for Intermarine, and the latest among DesignworksUSA’s growing portfolio of clients to hail from Brazil, an emerging capital of design and industry. Today Brazil is the world’s 8th largest industrial nation, and many of its leading companies are selecting DesignworksUSA to create products that resonate both with consumers in the region, and with increasing importance, consumers in export markets across the word.

In addition to Intermarine, DesignworksUSA’s Brazilian-based clients also include Embraer, which is based in Sao Jose do Campos and is the third largest aviation producer in the world; Schioppa, the leader in medical casters, which is based in Sao Paulo; and Pado, the brass and aluminum provider, which is also based in Sao Paulo. More broadly, DesignworksUSA is finding opportunities for great design throughout South America, and is presently collaborating with Venezuela-based Siragon, the manufacturer and assembler of computer hardware and other technology products including digital cameras, peripherals and plasma television screens. This proven track record of successfully driving innovation for premium brands in South America was among the many factors that drew Intermarine to select the consultancy. DesignworksUSA’s thorough experience with a broad range of clients at each tier of the yacht market was another. While Intermarine resides at the upper segment of the luxury yacht market, DesignworksUSA also creates for Germany’s Bavaria Yachts, a manufacturer of entry-level yachts. Further, together with its client HF Interiors, DesignworksUSA creates bespoke, one-of-a-kind environments for ultra exclusive mega-yachts.

“BMW Group DesignworksUSA deeply understood our clients’ needs and created a really innovative and distinctive design for the new Intermarine 55. The yacht is not only modern and beautiful but its solutions will definitely raise the bar in the category,” said Allysson Yamamoto, Intermarine marketing manager. “Intermarine is a famous connoisseur brand with a rich history, and to evolve its design forward with the Intermarine 55 is an honor,” says Laurenz Schaffer, President of BMW Group DesignworksUSA. “We’re eager to share the Intermarine 55 with the world when examples begin setting sail later this year, and likewise to continuing the evolution of this design story with the unveling of upcoming yachts for Intermarine,” continued Schaffer.

Design Details: The Intermarine 55
Measuring 57 feet in total length, the Intermarine 55 is a very luxurious boat, not only because of the exclusivity of the design, but also because of the balance of spaces. It was conceptualized to provide harmony for day and night use, and has an excellent internal arrangement including a salon, galley, three cabins and two bathrooms. It comfortably seats six people and one sailor. The team at DesignworksUSA created an innovative design for the exterior of the boat, translated in powerful, elegant and refined lines. The large windows have a unique and dynamic shape while offering an open view to the sea. Another remarkable innovation is the shape of all the hull side windows. There is no circular or oval porthole as traditionally used in boats. The portholes of the Intermarine 55 are integrated into the large trapezoid shaped windows, which enable more luminosity and visibility in the interiors, besides bringing outstanding beauty and character to the new model. The feature lines in the hull that define the unique personality of the boat are forms known in the automotive industry that now reach the nautical world. Similarly inspired by automotive are details like the the impressive air intakes in stainless steel. The bow characterized by a well defined angle, brings a strong presence to the boat, uniquly identifying Intermarine.

The internal areas of the Intermarine 55 were conceived from the theme “open horizons”, providing maximum openness and space. Inspired by modern architecture, the spaces are full of natural light and light reflexions, creating a warm and comfortable environment. The big windows in the salon, cabins and even in the bathrooms allow an open view to the sea. The salon door offers perfect integration with the stern area thanks to its wide opening via three door panels. Since Brazil’s climate allows for optimal time on deck, the design included open transitions for increased functionality.

About BMW Group DesignworksUSA
BMW Group DesignworksUSA is a global design consultancy and subsidiary of the BMW Group. The company, which was acquired by the BMW Group in 1995, today operates globally from its locations in Europe, America and Asia transferring knowledge from their work for the automotive area to clients from the most diverse industries and vice versa. Many of the world’s great brands turn to DesignworksUSA for its service in the field of product design, research, development, design strategy, sustainability consulting, brand communications, 3D modeling, and color, materials, and finish. Since 2009, Laurenz Schaffer has overseen the strategy and operations for all three offices. DesignworksUSA works for big brand names such as Nokia, Microsoft and HP, Saeco, Coca Cola, HEAD or Embraer. In 2010, Fast Company magazine ranked DesignworksUSA as the world’s “#1 Most Innovative Company in Design” and among the “Most Innovative Companies for 2010.”

About Intermarine
Intermarine is the most prestigious shipyard in Brazil, and leads the domestic market in luxury yachts. It has built and sold thousands of units, since 1973, when it was established. In an area of over 500.000 square feet, the world-class yachts are built with passion and craftsmanship. At every launching, Intermarine sets new standards in aesthetics, engineering and technology. And its unprecedented innovations in the nautical market are now about to conquer the seas all around the globe. The unmistakable design, exceptional performance, sophistication, top-notch construction, effective after-sales service and the best re-sale value make Intermarine incomparable.

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