Pick up your BMW i8 in grand style at Welt center via its European delivery program

Article by Christian A., on May 10, 2017

BMW’s European delivery program is considered as one of the best ways to receive a new vehicle within the automotive business. Consumers can choose to pick up their newly bought vehicle fresh from the factory; in return, they have to plan a European road trip and drop by at the BMW's Welt operations in Germany. The German automaker powerhouse BMW has been offering this delivery program since 2007 but it didn’t have an electric vehicle on the list until now.

BWM has broadened its European Delivery Program by adding the BMW i8 to the list at the Welt, an offer that was then limited to only standard petrol units. Buyers that will be personally picking up their automobiles at Welt operations are given the one of a kind experience of waiting for the vehicle surrounded by glass walled hall, with the unit lifted up from lower levels via an elevator platforms, and while they're at it, they must check out the BMW HQ and museum. Moreover, the buyer can save around 5% off the base manufacturer's suggested retail price at the same time. But if you were hoping to get the beloved BMW i3; unfortunately, it’s not yet included in the European Delivery Program.

According to BMWBLOG, the hidden gem in BMW's purchasing process is undoubtedly the European Delivery Program. A lot of consumers don’t know that this delivery program exists. We think that if more consumers know about it, more people will patronize it. Part of the awesomeness of this program is that it allows the purchaser to get a substantial discount on the chosen vehicle and the trip to Germany and maybe other European countries just sounds so tempting. European consumers have to pay up an additional fee of €500 for this one of a kind experience, unlike American customers.

This program even includes 2 weeks of free insurance, including factory and museum tours. For reference purposes, the savings can range from $1,655 for the 230i Coupe or X1 sDrive28i (MSRP: $33k) to $6,850 with an Alpina B7 ($137k). The BMW i8 price tag will start at around $143,300, so interested buyers that will avail of the delivery program can expect a discount of around $7,000.

The BMW i8 is the sports car that can rival the best sports car of its tier. The i8 sits beside its little i3 in BMW's eco friendly "i" range. This beast of a sports car boasts of a 1.5 L 3 cylinder turbo engine and links to an electric motor up front. The MINI engine paired with the electric motor produces around 357 bhp and 570Nm of torque, that will enable the i8 to accelerate from 0-62mph, only needing 4.4 seconds to do the job. The i8 also have a top speed of around 155mph.

Source: BMWBlog.com

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