Bmw M5 ‘Ring Taxi’ replaced with a M3 Sedan! Sabine Schmitz also replaced!

Article by Christian A., on March 10, 2011

The Nürburgring BMW 'Ring Taxi’ is now a thing of the past. The Ring Taxi will not be running this year at the Nürburgring, according to an email from OK Speed Marketing, which owns the ‘Ring Taxi’ name. The offers relating to taxi rides were already removed from the official website by the Nürburgring management.

OK Speed Marketing will continue to run their taxi laps in the VLN practice on Friday afternoons throughout summer.

But their prices of €349 per customer indicate that there is no more funding from manufacturers to make more customers afford it. The Ring Taxi is a legacy that would be sorely missed, especially by fans of BMW, Sabine and the Nurburgring.

The cost of €189 per car load (up to 3 people) is just too tempting to ignore. Being driven around by a celebrity driver on a brand-new BMW M5 around the Nordschleife has to cost more than the post-tax €158.82 cover price, right?

So far, there have been no reports on whether there is anything that will replace it. It can be recalled that Nurburgring has attempted to run its own taxi service, with Andy Gülden driving crappy vehicles from a Passat B36 to the Aston N24.

Update: The latest reports from M3Post indicate that the car will be replaced by an M3 and that Sabine Schmitz will no longer be the driver this year!

Moving from six cylinders to an eight-cylinder M3 engine makes the fourth generation BMW M3 the most powerful to date with its seemingly contrasting features of additional power, improved efficiency and reduced weight as compared to the former engine.

Displacing 3,000 cm3 or 4 liters, the latest light-alloy engine generates 414 hp at 8,300 rpm plus 295 lb-ft of torque at 3,900 rpm, wherein the 85% of the maximum torque is constantly available through 6,500 rpm. The power output shows a 24% rise over the previous 6-cylinder M3 engine as well as a 7% weight savings. The compression ratio is set at 12.0:1 and redline is fixed at 8,400 rpm.

The new BMW M3 Sedan’s V8 engine takes pride in the double-VANOS camshaft management of the company. This technology offers very fast and responsive valve timing and reduces charge cycle losses while improving the response, torque and output of the engine, positively influencing fuel emission management and fuel economy.

It comes with a separate throttle butterfly for all of the cylinders, totaling eight in all. This feature is adapted from the racing heritage of BMW M, which delivers an instant reaction to the gas pedal each time. Each row of cylinders has four throttle butterflies that are operated by two stepper motors and this provides the engine with a particularly sensitive reaction at low speeds alongside an instant reaction every time the driver presses on the accelerator to get more power and performance.

A pendulum-slider cell pump, with controlled volume flow, supplies lubricating oil to the engine, delivering the quantity that the engine requires. Wet sump oil lubrication, enhanced for powerful performance, guarantees a constant supply of oil to the high-rpm engine every time, especially in excessive braking maneuvers. The system comes with two oil sumps, a small one before the front axle subframe and a large one behind it.

The all-new, complete electronic management system manages all the functions of the engine with maximum efficiency and makes the most of operational integration with the steering, brakes, clutch and gearbox. Additionally, the engine control unit carries out various on-board diagnosis functions and instigates the ancillary engine units.

One of the things that the engine management system wants to emphasize is using ion-current technology to figure out engine knock, misfire as well as poor combustion events in the cylinders. A contrast to conventional methods, this control and monitoring function is carried out exactly where the incident happens, inside the combustion chambers. Each cylinder has a spark plug that senses then controls the risk of knocking and at the same time, monitors the right ignition and identifies any misfiring. In simple language, the spark plug functions as an ignition actuator and at the same time, a sensor observing the combustion process, making it able to differentiate between a poor combustion and a misfire. The spark plugs’ dual function facilitates the diagnostic procedures needed in maintenance and service.

The lightweight engine delivers an increased performance and better economy. It weighs 445 pounds, which is 33 pounds or 7% lighter than the Inline-6 of the former model. An alloy engine block cannot stop lightweight components. The crankcase is made from a special aluminum-silicon alloy, removing the need for cylinder liners. Even if it needs to resist high combustion pressures as well as engine speeds, this remains to be the fastest production engine produced so far by BMW since it can reach 8,400 rpm. Incidentally, the engineers did its best to maintain the 44-pound weight of the compact and rigid crankshaft.

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