BMW plans to challenge Bentley Bentayga with 4-seater X7

Article by Christian A., on November 26, 2016

When BMW revealed its X7 SUV, the goal was to make it a rival not only to the Range Rover but also to the GLS from Mercedes-Benz. The brand however appears to be taking it to the next level as a possible contender versus the Bentley Bentayga as BMW unveiled plans of coming out with a 4-seater version.

Given the change from a 7-seater to a 4-seater, this means that this new version will offer additional space for the two passengers sitting in the back. However, this is not the only change as some features of the exterior have been modified with the interior getting an upscale treatment.

BMW said though that even if the two versions of the X7 will be manufactured alongside the Rolls-Royce SUV, the former will be using a different platform altogether. Mainly the X7 will utilize the 7-Series as it will also be using the 6-cylinder engine or the 8-cylinder unit. It will be combined with an electric powertrain and maybe even a V12.

Reports are also coming out that BMW may add an M, or possible an M Performance, variant to the X7 in the hopes of going against the GLS 63 from Mercedes-AMZ. There are also rumors going around that the brand is working to develop a 5-seater version of the X7 though BMW has kept quiet about this.

The new X7 will be manufactured at the brand’s facility located in Spartanburg with expected release to the U.S. market by the early part of 2019. In an interview with AutoNews, executives at the brand said that the new BMW X7 will be priced just below $200,000 and is expected to comprise around1% of all sales related to the X7.

It was in March of this year when BMW first presented the plan of creating the X7, a three-row SUV. This was confirmed during the annual press conference by none other than Harald Kruger, BMW AG’s Chairman of the Board, who said that with the addition of the X7, the brand hoped that it would widen the appeal of the line-up. In addition, he added, BMW is also looking more into what other benefits are present in this particular segment.

While fans were teased by the fact that the model was hidden beneath covers, it was clear that in terms of size, the X7 would be larger compared to the X5. At that time, many also believed that it will come with a rear-wheel drive, the same platform found in the 6th generation of the brand’s celebrated 7-Series. The expectation however is the X7 will eventually succeed the 7-Series not only in terms of technology but in being the most luxurious model of the brand.

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