This BMW X7 M looks like the real thing from the future

Article by Christian A., on October 26, 2018

Just recently, BMW introduced its much-anticipated flagship SUV -- the all-new BMW X7 – after more than four years of wait. Now that it is finally arriving, high-performance customers are wondering how many years they would have to wait before the German premium carmaker creates a BMW X7 M.

The reality is that there is yet no clear sign that BMW would create an M version of the newly unveiled X7 SUV. While the X7 M is a possibility that can’t be discount, it might be hard to imagine how the high-performance version of BMW’s flagship SUV would look like. Good thing though, an automotive graphic artist is here to help with his own rendering of the BMW X7 M.

X-Tomi Design has been known for his renderings of still non-existent versions of vehicles that are in the market or have just been unveiled. His graphic works are usually realistic, to the point that it seems that his renderings were actual official images released by carmakers. X-Tomi latest comes in form of the BMW X7 M, which would be the high-performance version of the newly unveiled X7.

Compared to the original X7 that BMW recently unveiled, the rendered X7 M by X-Tomi definitely looks more aggressive, more dynamic and more athletic. To achieve this, X-Tomi made some changes to the signature BMW kidney grille of the X7. In the X7 M, the grille’s chrome horizontal slats have been blackened to indicate the performance SUV’s sporty potential. Likewise, BMW M’s badge is found on the right kidney of the grille. Interestingly, the letterings on the grille say “X5 M”, not “X7 M.”

Wrapped in the performance exterior finish, the X-Tomi’s X7 M rendering features front air intakes that basically much larger than those in the BMW X7. These air intakes have also been blackened, and so are the X7 M’s roof rails, window surrounds and front underplate. The chrome trim strips that surround the door sills are now also in black. Some details, such as the fog lights, have been move somewhere else.

In its most powerful guise, the new BMW X7 (the X7 xDrive50i that isn't available in Europe) is served by a newly developed twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that delivers 456 hp (340 kW) of max output and 479 lb.-ft. (649 Nm) of peak torque. If BMW decides to create the X7 M, the carmaker can be expected to fit a more powerful version of the engine or another more powerful mill. This engine could be tuned to a whooping 600 hp (447 kW), which is just right for the performance version of BMW’s flagship SUV.

Source: X-Tomi

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