This Bugatti Chiron 4x4 rendering is a suitable companion for off-road adventures

Article by Christian A., on October 16, 2018

Nobody would dare take a Bugatti Chiron to the off-road. After all, the power, dynamics and capabilities of the Chiron are designed to challenge the road and even the track, but not the off- road. If a driver tries to drive a Chiron to an off-road path, he or she should be ready to shell out a large amount of money to repair the possible damages that the hypercar may incur during such adventure. In short, the Chiron is ill-equipped to tackle the off-road.

Nevertheless, a well-equipped Bugatti Chiron might be able to take on the off-road challenge. That would be too much to ask, as Bugatti has built itself as a creator of super-fast cars. A Bugatti sports utility vehicle is currently being considered at the carmaker, but transforming the Chiron into an off-road monster is something the carmaker would leave to other hands. Taking that insurmountable task – at least in a rendering is automotive graphic artist Rain Prisk, and the result of his efforts is the Bugatti Chiron 4X4.

Rain Prisk has been rendering images of existing cars and transforming them into something carmakers wouldn’t even think of. Some of this works include a pickup truck version of a Range Rover, a 2005 Ford GT Raptor, and shooting brake version of the Bugatti Divo. His latest work is the Bugatti Chiron 4X4, which is menacingly well-equipped to call the off-road trail its second home.

To transform the Bugatti Chiron into a true off-road monster, Rain Prisk tore hypercar apart, reassembled it and added a number of 4x4 elements. In terms of traction, the Chiron is already a capable machine, thanks to its all-wheel drive system. But traction isn't the only thing to think about when going off the road. Usually, the off-road path is full of physical obstacles that could strike and damage the mechanicals of the Chiron.

To solve this, Rain Prisk significantly raised the ride height of the Chiron 4X4 – resulting to a very high ground clearance. In addition, Rain Prisk added a massive front skid plate. In case this machine get stuck somewhere else, a winch on the front end could be of big help.

Aside from raising the ride height of the Bugatti Chiron, Rain Prisk also fitted a set of massive off-road tires. Of course, this can’t be done without significantly modifying the fenders. To further save the Chiron 4x4 from off-road punishment, Rain Prisk installed remote-reservoir shocks.

To allow its driver to live off the beaten track, the Chiron 4x4 features a roof rack to carry extra sets of cargo. The roof rack features LED units to better illuminate the path ahead or serve as a light source when camping.

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