US-bound Bugatti Chiron gets ruined by two rear bumper protection pads

Article by Christian A., on April 18, 2017

It seems insurance companies in the United States know how to ruin the Bugatti Chiron. Thankfully though, it is quite easy to restore the Chiron back to its original form, sans the nuisance feature.

Bugatti describes the Chiron as the most powerful, fastest, most luxurious as well as the most exclusive production super sports car in the world. However, its performance and luxury levels aren’t the only things that makes the Chiron stand out from rest. After all, the new Chiron is a beautifully crafted creation that is a product of excellent design. Its inherent beauty, however, could be ruined by installing a supposed protection feature which design doesn’t fit the elegant dynamic appearance of the Chiron.

We are referring to the two bumper protecting pads installed on the rear end of the Chiron. They could be best described as unsightly tumors, which do serve a function but fail to justify their existence. These pads are meant to protect the bumper from low-speed fender benders; although it seems that their design couldn’t even minimize body damage from rear-end collisions. According to Jalopnik, these two bumper protecting pads are even large enough to serve as seats for tailgating.

These two bumper protecting pads are only found in US-bound Bugatti Chiron. There have been reports that half of Bugatti’s planned total production for the Chiron (250 of 500 units) has already been ordered, and around a third of them (75 examples) are to be shipped to the US. This means that so far, around 75 units of the Chiron will be fitted with these bumper protecting pads. Take note that these pads aren’t a requirement by federal regulators. Instead, they are features required by insurance companies in the US – a practice that has continued until the present.

Nonetheless, while Bugatti can’t take off these bumpers pads, Chiron owners can do so and it is pretty easy to accomplish. This is because the screws of these bumper protecting pads are left exposed, which may mean that Bugatti is permitting and even making it easy to remove these pesky things. Now, Chiron owners could easily remove these screws and in process get rid of the bumper protecting pads.

However, owners should take note that these bumper protecting pads are connected by the license plate mounting panel, which may mean that their removal could result to the removal of rear license plate. This should prove as no problem for Bugatti Chiron owners, since if they are wealthy enough to buy the 1,500-hp Chiron for a starting price of $2.54 million or EUR2.4 million, they should have enough financial resources to look for ways to properly secure the rear license plate.


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