Bugatti CEO says carmaker is ready to create a second model alongside Chiron

Article by Christian A., on September 14, 2018

Since 2016, Bugatti has been synonymous to Chiron. After all, the French sports car maker only has the Chiron in its stable since 2016. There is the Chiron Sport, but it is essentially just a track-focused version. There is the Divo, but this hypercar is also track-focused and is produced in very limited number (40 units). Many have been wondering whether Bugatti would offer another model. But just recently, it was confirmed that Bugatti is now ready to build a second model in addition to Chiron.

This confirmation was made not just by anyone from Bugatti Automobiles SAS, but by its top honcho, chief executive Stephen Winkelmann to CarAdvice. During an interview, Winkelmann remarked that he sees Bugatti as ready to do more than one model. This basically steers Bugatti – a part of the Volkswagen Group – into a new direction. The Chiron will still be offered, but a new model could be in the making.

Nonetheless, while Bugatti is ready to develop and launch a new model, it can’t do so right away. After all, the development of a model involves a lot of money. As such, a large investment is required. But Bugatti can’t hope to get such large investment from the VW Group right away – it needs to help. As Winkelmann justified, the VW Group is still stuck in its investments in projects like autonomous driving and electric cars.

But as early as now, Winkelmann already has a battle plan if ever VW Group decides to inject money for the development of a second model. Bugatti’s top honcho told CarAdvice that the French sports car maker would look at every body style while taking into account regional demand. In addition, Bugatti would look into which body style is in demand or is losing appeal. Pricing would also be considered into the decision. Winkelmann noted that Bugatti won't put into money into something that is already fading.

What is clear as day for Winkelmann is that the second model won't be a super sports car, as, according to Bugatti’s top man, it won't suffice to be in love with just one type of car. He remarked that the second model would be different from the Chiron.

Winkelmann revealed that a sedan in the spirit of the 1927 Bugatti Royale could be a candidate, although the carmaker would need to consider the declining sales for luxury sedans around the world. A super-SUV just like the Lamborghini Urus has the potential, given the increasing demand for utilities. Interestingly, the Urus was the brainchild of Winkelmann, who was once the president and CEO of Lamborghini. He was tapped to led Bugatti as it CEO in January 2018.

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