Can Buick Avenir follow in the footsteps of GMC Denali?

Article by Christian A., on June 4, 2017

American automaker General Motors is looking forward in regards to the Buick's new luxury sub brand future performance, if it will be at par with the success of GMC's line-up of Denali badged vehicles.

GMC'S Denali line-up, with its mixed chromed-up exteriors and French-stitched leather bolstered seat has worked wonders and is considered as the second U.S. luxury trademark for General Motors. The reported sales of the Denali was in the same level as the Acura and Cadillac the previous month and generated a higher transaction costs than Lexus and Audi.

Now GM is hopeful that the Avenir can replicate the GMC's Denali's success. The new luxury sub brand made its debut with its 2018 Enclave crossover at the New York Auto Show. GM will also apply the same formula utilized at Buick to the Avenir, hoping to add a dauntless grille, flashier wheels and a more comfy interior that will be cleansed by cabin-air ionizer.

According to Autonews, the American automaker firmly believes that by producing more features and swankier interiors to its automobiles, it would entice more consumers in China.

Ever since GMC's identical Denali line-up was debuted in the year 1999, it accounts for 23 percent of the total GMC's sales in the U.S alone according to IHS Markit registration data. Furthermore GM data reflected that 29 percent of GMC's overall sale last month were due to Denalis.

Duncan Aldred, Vice President of Global Buick and GMC, discussed the achievements of Denali and also commented that the Denali brand is not rushed in any way and the public should not immediately expect a quick success for the luxury sub brand. He further disclosed that Denali was not forced, and it was kinda rare for General Motors that they have not hurt something by trying to do it in a rush. The Denali line-up achieved success because it was allowed to develop slowly and organically.

Buick will further debut the Avenir collection of choices to its brand new Enclave crossover, but at this time has not fully decided if the entire vehicle collection will have Avenir variants. Moreover the Vice President remarked that the trademark will be utilized throughout the Buick line-up. This will also happen to the Envision crossover and also to the LaCrosse sedan in the coming days. North American dealers will get their hands on the first Avenirs possibly in September.

Buick has not disclosed how much it would cost to set Avenir in the US, however Mr. Aldred claimed that they would follow through with the brand's mission of offering what they call "attainable luxury". The regular transaction cost for a Denali will reach around $5,000 to a $10,000 more than GMC all in all. That would sit in the low-$50,000 area according to data found in Kelley Blue Book for the month of March.

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