Buyers pay well above list price to get their hands on a Pagani

Article by Christian A., on April 12, 2012

The rich from the Middle East are elbowing each other out just to be the first owner of the luxury vehicle, the Pagani Huayra. Last month, the striking white Huayra was unveiled at Pagani’s Geneva Motor Show stand and it was supposed to go to the new Middle Eastern owner on March 18 right after the event.

However, evo found out the delivery of the car wasn’t done and instead, another Middle Eastern buyer had agreed to pay a huge premium of 900,000 euros, which is approximately what it costs ex-factory. It’s also believed that the last Zonda F Roadster ever built was recently sold by Pagani’s Swiss dealer for 1.3m euros.

A ‘new’ 2008 Zonda F Coupe (to Japan) was sold for 1.2m euros and a hardly used, RHD Zonda C12S was sold by the factory for 700,000 euros. Enthusiasts in the Middle East want to get their hands on a white Huayra, which is now being sold at a much higher price.

The Pagani Huayra’s aerodynamic concept is said to be a wing. When the ride height on the front is adjusted, the wing can be modified. The ride height in particular can be changed in a dynamic manner by altering the four control flaps that are located at of the vehicle’s corners. This is because the objective is to use aerodynamic processes so that the Pagani Huayra experiences neutral vehicle behavior no matter what the condition is. It also helps control the body roll.

The flaps for instance have its performance operated through a dedicated control unit through which information is sent from the ECU and the ABS. Information includes the current speed, lateral acceleration, yaw rate, throttle position, and steering angle. In addition, this system is able to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency by taking into account the different driving conditions while making sure that the low drag coefficient does not play a major role.

Let’s say the vehicle is braking for example. The flaps in the rear plus the suspension in the front are both raised so as to offset any of the weight transfer. It also helps balance the weight distribution on the front axle and the rear axle. As a result, the model is able to utilize better the brake force in the rear. Still on the matter of aerodynamics, it was also important under the Huayra project that the top of the body would have clean airflow.

Looking at the pair of engine air intakes located at the back of the occupants shoulders, it is clear that its shape brings to mind the supersonic aircraft created during the late 1950s as well as the 1960s. It also has a function which is that it ensures the motor is able to breathe without the flow being interrupted. Placed in the middle of the rear bonnet’s carbon clamshell and the engine bay window, the gearbox indicator’s intake is able to deliver to the radiator superb airflow.

It does this without making that much of an effect on the aerodynamic drag. In fact, it was this choice that led the brand to using movable flaps rather than having a rear wing. The brand also made sure to look into how air would flow through the car. This is why the angles have been angled in a manner that it would not only help with the downforce but also allow it to extract the best flow of the hot air.

The air that comes from the central radiator is removed from the vents located on the front bonnet. It does the same for the air from the front wheelhouse. Meanwhile the air coming for the radiator’s side is transmitted through the ducts and thus helps cool the wheel hubs and the brake discs.

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