Cadillac eyes three big sports events to advertise ATS & XTS

Article by Anita Panait, on April 9, 2012

Cadillac plans to kick off its advertising campaign for its new XTS with a bang, as the company bought commercial spots during the TV coverage of the much-popular Kentucky Derby on May 5.  Cadillac plans to use the commercial as a platform to launch further marketing programs for two new models. The TV commercials, which will feature the XTS large sedan, are scheduled to start rolling out into showrooms in June.

According to Cadillac vice president of marketing Don Butler, speaking during the New York auto show last week, the Kentucky Derby ads will be then followed by more commercial spots during the U.S. Open golf tournament later in June. The company will then be conducting a larger advertising campaign for the ATS compact sedan, which would be rolled out in late summer. The TV commercials will debut during the London 2012 Olympic Games, scheduled to begin in July 27.

As to why Cadillac chose to advertise during large sports events, Butler said that “sports properties work really well” for the company. According to Butler, the advertising of the two new cars will account for around 80% of Cadillac US advertising budget, with ATS getting a larger slice of the pie.

Butler noted that Cadillac is focusing more on the ATS compact luxury car since the company needs to etch a name among the compact luxury car makers like BMW with its 3 series.

Butler said that the ATS will be the company’s highest-volume vehicle and will become the face of the franchise. Butler expects the ATS to attract buyers who prefer compact luxury vehicles. According to Butler, the commercials for the ATS will show the car in high-profile settings around the world, but will not directly reference BMW's car.

In developing the Cadillac ATS, the main objective was to make it one of the lightest models in its segment. However, to make sure that the driving experience is refined, this was implemented in a rather nuanced manner. To make sure that the weight of the new ATS was optimized, the brand implemented a four-pronged approach.

These included benchmarking the different components to determine if lighter solutions are available, to continuously observe the original architectural objectives set, ensuring that the load management all over the ATS is measured, and to follow an overall culture wherein the mass of each component is weighed against all the other qualities of the development.

As such, aluminum was used for the hood with the engine mount brackets utilizing magnesium. In addition, the door trim panels make use of natural and lightweight fiber. These not only reduce the overall mass but also reveal the fact that the brand did implement a systematic approach when it came to determining each gram that was placed in the new ATS.

It is important to note that for Cadillac, some of the weight was needed as it was crucial to making sure that the new model would be able to offer an excellent driving experience. A good example of this would be the cast iron differential. Specifically, the engineering tram determined that fuel economy could be enhanced using cast iron differential compared to one that is made of lighter aluminum.

For the rear suspension, Cadillac made use mainly of steel. The goal was to have better load management while the straight links guaranteed that weight would be lowered without any need for alternate materials.

With this, Cadillac was able to balance out the weight offered on the front by both the engine and the transmission. This not only resulted in an almost perfect 50/50 balance as it also reduced vibration and noise. The brand also did the same thing when it came to the wheels. By having structural aluminum added, it helped lower the vibration even further.

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