Carroll Shelby dead at the age of 89

Article by Christian A., on May 11, 2012

Although 4WheelsNews is focused to give you the best automotive news on the web, we also have to give you bad news: Carroll Shelby, died last night at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. He left this place at the age of 89 and the cause of the death was not disclosed, but we are not interested in revealing you that even if we’d know it, as we want to remember Mr. Shelby as an auto legend.

For those who don’t know, Shelby had a successful career as a race driver but this was shortened by a health issue. As a result, Shelby created the company we all know and together with it the well-known Cobra hot rod.

The Cobra was followed by makeovers of the Ford Mustang. Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 are the most popular tuned versions of the Mustang. Shelby’s partnership with Ford also found friend in Lee Iacocca, father of the Mustang. R.I.P Carroll Shelby and thank you for what you’ve done for us!

Under the new 2013 Mustang Shelby GT500, Ford is offering a complete package not only for racing enthusiasts but even for the daily driver. In simple terms, this latest offering is expected to take the Mustang to places where it has not gone before.

Output is estimated at 662 hp with maximum speed at the track measured to be at least 200 mph. To make this possible, there was a need for a more efficient and larger supercharger to ensure that more air flows to its engine.

This is where the Twin Vortices Series 2300 blower enters the picture as it can deliver displacement amounting to 2.3 liters, a feature that’s unique to the 5.8-liter engine inside the new model. In addition to the exceptional 662 hp output, the aluminum-block 5.8-liter V8 engine delivers peak torque of 631 lb.-ft.

The figures reveal that this may be the highest-horsepower engine that has been made in North America. Since the goal was to get that extra horsepower, Ford made sure to optimize each of the powertrain’s components.

Thus aside from having a new supercharger, the cross-drilled block and heads are also new. New as well are the carbon fiber driveshaft and the all-forged engine rotating assembly. Meanwhile parts that have been upgraded include the transmission, axle, and clutch. The head gaskets and the camshaft profiles were also upgraded. One significant upgrade in the engine though is with regards to the cooling system.

Aside from having a high-capacity cooling fan, there is also a fan shroud with the pressure-relief high-speed doors. Further the charge air cooler has been made more efficient. Included as well is the intercooler pump which has a higher flow with the volume of the intercooler heat exchanger increased by as much as 36%. All of these parts are able to work together in order to constantly dissipate heat even during situations that call for extreme usage.

Advanced Product Creation Director Hermann Salenbauch revealed that through the SVT, it made it possible for the Shelby GT500 to have advanced technology and thus take the performance of this model to a higher level. He added that the brand managed to capture all aspects of this muscle car’s performance.

This includes the maximum speed, 0 to 60 mph of acceleration, excellence on the racetrack, or even the quarter-mile times. In addition, even those who prefer the routine of a daily drive will see that this new model is perfect for this role as well, continued Salenbauch.

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