Charlie Sheen’s Fiat 500 ad creates buzz despite non-airing at Super Bowl

Article by Christian A., on February 21, 2012

"Seduction" commercial featuring Fiat 500 went viral online in November. It became a hit once again during the Super Bowl this month. However, the advertisement that the automaker did not air might have made more buzz. Chrysler Group shot a Fiat 500 commercial featuring actor Charlie Sheen, who is known to have a bad boy image and is said to be a self-described "warlock."

The video was shown to Fiat dealers at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention this year in Las Vegas.

The spot shows Sheen racing around inside a mansion driving the subcompact. Along his indoor course are many attractive women and men. At the end of his journey, the door opens and Sheen's leg comes into view complete with ankle bracelet.

According to those who have watched the spot, Sheen declares that "house arrest" is not so bad. Chrysler Group would not make a comment on the spot. It would also not disclose whether the commercial would ever run.

Contrary to what many think, the Fiat 500 was made to be an inclusive concept rather than an exclusive one. This is because the brand believes that it had to meet the varied preferences of potential clients, ranging from those who prefer a minimalist design to customers who are truly eccentric. It is this same principle that Fiat implemented in the choice of electronic technologies available for the passenger compartment with the hopes of beating its rivals.

Thus the brand is now offering the second generation of the Blue&Me. In addition, through a battery charger and a socket, it is now possible to integrate an iPod. Working with Magneti Marelli, Fiat managed to come up with the portable navigator for the Fiat 500 which is placed on the vehicle’s dashboard and is linked with all the other functions of the model.

However, Fiat did not stop with only the customization options as it also now offers more flexibility as it relates to services and even types of payment.

Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services for instance has offerings dubbed 500 Cents and 50 to 500, which allow a customer to buy a Fiat 500 with no down payment and at 5 euros a day. Customers will also be given the option to pay half of the price and the rest within 2 years. Note that this is not only buying the Fiat 500 but also includes the personalization options. It does not stop there as when a customer decides to avail of the offerings, that same does not only get the 5-year/500,000-km warranty but benefits from other services as well.

Even the 24-hour roadside service, which the brand will be providing for the first time, is included as well. When a scheduled maintenance is set, Fiat can have the vehicle picked up at home and to ensure that mobility is not compromised, the taxi fares incurred by the customer during this time will be reimbursed.

With all of the possibilities and offerings, the Fiat 500 is truly a car meant for everyone and to paraphrase, it is a car that is of the people, by the people, and clearly, for the people. Dubbed as the “New Fiat,” it is a car that everyone can drive. The good news is not limited to customers as the brand is also excited with the Fiat 500 as it marks the beginning of a new chapter.

It also serves as the brand’s way of telling the world what the future is. For Fiat, a new model should be intentionally consumed and to do this, a model should be able to make the most of its experience in the automotive industry. Instead of simply undergoing mass production, the focus should always be on releasing new models that are distinct as well as ones that showcase quality and connect emotionally. Simplification should not necessarily mean not including something.

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